Bike Safely through the Pandemic

ContinSocial Distancing 101ue to Practice Social Distancing when Enjoying the Outdoors!

To say that the circumstances we are currently experiencing are strange is vastly understated. Research shows, however, that the only proven method for getting ahead of COVID-19 is to isolate ourselves. As social beings, as well as active beings, this goes against our grain. It is understandable to want to be outdoors, but please be safe while doing so.

Outdoor recreational activities are still permitted amid the coronavirus pandemic, but we want to remind our residents and visitors to follow these very basic safety precautions. Please practice social distancing when you are walking, hiking, or cycling by ensuring at least six feet of space between you and others. Be sure to safely step to the side until someone passes by you. Furthermore, for your own protection, please do not gather in groups while enjoying your time outdoors.

Thank you for your cooperation, and stay safe, Titusville!