FY20 Annual Report - ADA Accessible Version

FY2020 Annual Report

City of Titusville - The Gateway to Nature & Space

City of Titusville

555 South Washington Avenue

Titusville, Florida 32796-3551


Honorable Mayor, City Council, and Residents of the City of Titusville: 

It is my pleasure to submit this annual report, which provides you with a snapshot of our annual budget and highlights our progress in meeting the city’s annual strategic plan objectives. 

The challenges presented to our city by the COVID-19 global pandemic were enormous. Despite these challenges, the City provided uninterrupted quality services through adaptive, creative and innovative processes. 

The city has seen a spike in home development permits, and a steady increase in residential and commercial property values. We close this year out with over 1,522 new residential units permitted or under construction with an additional 3,726 new units planned in future development phases totaling 5,248 units. 

Commercial economic development continues in commercial space, manufacturing and retail bringing desirable paying jobs to the Titusville area. There were three new hotels, with an additional one under construction and one in the planning phase. Lockheed Martin plans to expand their current Fleet Ballistic Missile facility, bringing additional programs to their growing campus. Boeing relocated their Space and Launch leadership team to their existing facility within our city.   

The city continues to focus on projects to improve our infrastructure and protect the Indian River Lagoon.  The city completed over six (6) miles of road resurfacing. We have installed baffle boxes within the outfall areas of the Indian River Lagoon at Main Street, Sycamore, Knox McRae, South Street, LaPaloma, and St. Teresa. We have three (3) additional baffle boxes projected in the design. The city is developing plans for a septic system conversion, where city sewer is available, and began design plans on a $9M upgrade project to the Morning Dove treatment plant.  

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the incredible professionalism and dedication to duty our entire city staff had in responding to one of the worst global pandemics in recorded history. Our personnel worked tirelessly during uncertain times to ensure continuity of all city services. With a very different 2020 now in the books, I look forward to building on the successes as we enter into 2021. With the continued guidance and outstanding support of our Mayor, Vice Mayor, and City Council Members, I am confident that our team will bring another year of outstanding service and support to the residents of our great city!   

For more info on what’s new in Titusville, please see the latest edition of our quarterly Titusville Talking Points magazine online at our website www.titusville.com.


William S Larese

City Manager

FY20 Accomplishments

Goal 1. Quality of Life

• The Historic Board approved demolition of a blighted structure at 346 S. Washington Avenue and approved new construction plans for a new building in keeping with the historic downtown.

• Public Works resurfaced just over twelve miles of City streets. CRA funded resurfacing of Palm Avenue, Orange Street west of Hopkins Avenue and Lemon Avenue for a total of $106,000.

• Public Works resurfaced just over six miles of City streets.

• Completed two baffle box projects to improve the Indian River Lagoon water quality.

• Began design on three traffic signal replacement projects.

• Kept rate increases within Solid Waste and Stormwater to CPI to limit impact to citizens. 

• Procured the Asphalt Zipper to improve roadway patching efforts.

• Water Resources Department constructed a new lift station at the Marina to improve service and protect the lagoon from sanitary sewer overflows.

• Water Resources improved water quality by adding additional treatment polishing at our southern drinking water pumping and storage facility

• Police officers received invaluable training on combatting Human Trafficking

• Police officers received 50 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) and training through a partnership and proactive efforts of Parrish Medical Center, Team Health Emergency Physicians and the Jess Parrish Medical Foundation.  This unified medical front supports the importance of early aggressive prehospital first aid in response to a life-threatening trauma.

Goal 2. Effective and Efficient Government Services

• The Community Redevelopment District funded the installation of cameras in the downtown.  These are utilized to improve public safety.

• The Titusville Fire Department was awarded an AeroClave RDS 3110 Decontaminating System through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundations grant program which provides consistent, reliable delivery of the right amount of disinfectant, decontaminating to OSHA and NFPA specifications every time.

• The Titusville Fire Department put a full complement of high angle rescue equipment in service. Eighteen personnel have been certified as rope operators and technicians, diversifying our rescue capabilities.  

• Titusville Fire Department underwent an audit by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). ISO evaluates municipal and county governments to establish Property Protection Class Ratings. Prior to this audit the City of Titusville had a PPC rating of 3/3X, Following the audit, the City improved from a Class 3/3X to a Class 2 rating. This placed the City of Titusville Fire Department in the top 4% of all fire departments throughout the United States.

• The IT Department provided leadership over the Implementation of a complete new Financial/Community Development System

• In conjunction with the Water Resources Department, IT worked to improve the network security of the City’s SCADA system.

• In conjunction with the Police Department, IT assisted in upgrading the City’s 911 system to the latest release, providing improved capability for 911 operators.

• Implemented and managed a system that let staff successfully work from home during the COVID19 pandemic, reducing potential spread while maintaining effective overall 


• The IT Department provided 99.99% system availability to employees and recorded zero network security incidents.

• The Water Resources Department achieved significant cybersecurity milestones including separation from IT and the purchasing of patching and server database software complying with standards set by the City Cybersecurity Officer.  

• Laboratory Services Division took delivery of an Ion Chromatographer as the first step of a Capital Outlay program to modernize and automate the aging laboratory equipment.

• Police Department updates training room - The 1554 square foot venue hosts in-house training for numerous agencies.  The facility’s upgrades include new tables, ergonomic chairs, new ceiling, lighting, improved HVAC system and two convenient courtesy device charging station.

• The Code Enforcement division receives National Accreditation- The City of Titusville Code Enforcement Division has exceeded all the required standards, and is formally awarded by the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) with a 4-star accreditation. 

• Communications Center Overtime savings – After a modification of schedules for the police and fire dispatch center, there was a savings in excess of $90,000 in overtime compared to the previous year.

Goal 3. Financial Stability

• 36th Consecutive Year of Excellence in Financial Reporting Award From GFOA.

• Reduced long term liabilities for Pension and OPEB Trust Funds.

• The Water Resources Department was awarded an additional $1.1M grant from the Save Our Indian River Lagoon Fund to complete the Osprey WRF Nutrient Removal Upgrade project.

• The Water Resources Department was also awarded $1.35M grant from the Saint Johns River Water Management District to complete the Osprey WRF Nutrient Removal Upgrade project.

• The Water Resources Department was awarded a $846,493 grant from the Florida Division of Emergency Management to construct 7 backup generators at City owned lift stations.  These generators will provide power and limit sanitary sewer overflows during extreme weather events such as hurricanes.  


Goal 4. Economic Development

• The CDBG, HOME, and SHIP federal and state grant programs provided $35,000 to three public service agencies serving 1,492 households; rehabilitated three homes utilizing $81,729.65; and provided $86,000 to three first time homebuyers to secure housing. 

• Purchased over $5.5 million dollars’ worth of goods and services from local vendors to support local economy.

• Installed landscaping in the Commons parking lot.

• The CRA approved grants totaling $117,667 in FY20.

• Submitted the application for a Downtown Connector Trail designation as part of the East Coast Greenway trail system.

• Worked with the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast and North Brevard Economic Development Zone on attracting five potential new corporations.

Budget Highlights - FY 2020


  • General Fund: $51,613,990
  • Intergovernmental Revenues: $8,165,968
  • Property Taxes: $15,068,529
  • Utility & Franchise Taxes: $7,504,012
  • Permits, Fess, & Special Assessment: $455,885
  • Charges for Services: $5,658,277
  • Fines & Forfeitures: $174,000
  • All Other Revenue: $14,587,319


  • City Clerk: $634,455
  • Legal, Legislative & Executive: $957,736
  • Public Safety: $20,466,868
  • Public Works: $3,788,979
  • Community Development: $2,078,203
  • Support Services: $3,906,952
  • Non Departmental: $19,781,797

Recreational Operating District 1 MSTU                        $59.14      3.00%

St. Johns River Water Mgmt District                       $25.14        1.00%

N. Brevard Recreational District Capital            $57.29      2.00%      

Other Taxes                                                          $58.26        3.00%

This info displays what a homeowner pays in property taxes on a homesteaded property in the City of Titusville with an assessed value of $159,942 for all Brevard County Taxing Authorities. 

Brevard County: $452.89       (20%)

City of Titusville(1): $827.78       (36%)

Brevard School Board(2): $801.83           (35%)

Total Tax Bill: $2,282.33

1) Proposed Operating Millage of $7.2145 and $0.3147 for Voted Debt Service Millage on Riverfront Acquisition Series 2005 Bonds less a $50,000 Homestead Exemption.

2) School Board property tax amount is $159,942 less a $25,000 Homestead Exemption.

City Council FY 2020

Walt Johnson - Mayor

Dan Diesel - Vice Mayor

Robert Jordan - Council Member

Jo Lynn Nelson - Council Member

Sarah Stoeckel - Council Member

Important City Numbers:

Building Department    321.567.3760

Business Tax Receipts (Occupational Licenses)    321.567.3758

City Clerk    321.567.3686

City Hall Main Number    321.567.3775

City Hall FAX Number    321.383.5704

City Manager’s Office    321.567.3702

Code Enforcement    321.567.3770

Community Advocate    321.567.3689

Customer Service (Utility Billing)    321.383.5791

Economic Development    321.567.3774

Fire Department (Non-Emergency)    321.567.3800

Fire Public Education    321.567.3804

Human Resources    321.567.3728

Jobline    321.567.3731

Neighborhood Services    321.567.3987

Municipal Marina    321.383.5600

Permits    321.567.3759

Planning Department    321.567.3782

Police (Non-Emergency)    321.264.7800

Police / Fire Rescue (Emergency)    911

Solid Waste    321.383.5775

Stormwater    321.567.3832

Stormwater (After Hours Emergency)    888.399.1327

Streets Maintenance    321.567.3832

Water Field Operations (Water Main Break)    321.567.3883

Water Main Break (After Hours Emergency)    321.383.5657

Water Resources Conservation Program    321.383.5669

LED Sign Information    321.567.3689

Our Vision

Titusville is a diverse community of hometown neighborhoods built among natural treasures, fostering civic pride, family activities, and community service.

Our Mission

Through teamwork and leadership, the City of Titusville provides essential services to improve the quality of life of our community.

Our City

The City of Titusville was founded in 1867 and incorporated July 13, 1887. The city has a population of 47,456 and covers 30.49 square miles.