Flag & Memorial Committee Meeting 2/16/2021 Minute

Flag and Memorial Committee

Regular Meeting

February 16, 2021


The Flag and Memorial Committee met in regular session on February 16, 2021, at the 

American Space Museum, 308 Pine Street, Titusville, FL   32796


Chairman Therriault called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.  Members present, Member Conklin, Member Fuller, Member Patton, Member Northcutt, Member Lister and Member Rathborne.  Also present was Secretary/Staff Liaison Gail Gilchrist, City of Titusville. 


  1. CALL TO ORDER:  Meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m. by Chairman Therriault.


  1. DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM:  A quorum was met.




  1. Approval of minutes for the January 19, 2021 meeting:   A motion to approve the January 19, 2021 minutes was made by Member Patton, seconded by Member Rathborne, it passed unanimously.




  1. Astronaut Memorial Ceremony:   Member Rathborne state the ceremony went very well considering the changes that had to be made due to Covid 19.  Chairman Therriault also stated how pleased he was with the ceremony and said he knows someone who has the ability to use multiple cameras for future ceremonies.   Scott Selph suggested the base of the flagpole be painted.  Discussion ensued with different ideas from the committee.








This was tabled due to the committee having sufficient funds.




The question was asked as to why the banner flags had not been installed on the Avenue of Flags.  Secretary Gilchrist texted Joe Arena and received a response that he will try to have that done next week.




Member Northcutt:  Stated the cold shelter is successful thanks to the DAV.  They are using the old Civic Center on Hopkins with Life Point Church hosting it and providing cots.  Stated that Monday night Under the Bridge project had approximately 85 people.

Member Rathborne:   Stated she went to the Warbird Museum on a Saturday and there were approximately 50 people there.  She felt that was a good sign and that things are looking up.  She also said they are only open three days a week. 

Member Patton:  Stated DAV still not doing Bingo due to numerous workers having Covid 19.  He said there is a leak in the main water line at the building.  He stated there are two Service Officers now in place and shared that the former Chaplain, T-Ray, had passed away.

Member Conklin:  Stated they just had the museum 3-D photographed and will use that with education, fundraising and other activities.  She also shared upcoming changes that will take place at the museum in April.  She explained Harvest Host is a group of RV owners that can stay in the parking lot free and visit the museum.

Member Fuller:  Has VFW meeting tomorrow night.  She stated she has been gathering clothes for Coquina students.  Also stated she is still working on the house due to flooding in November.

Member Lister:  Had nothing to add.

Chairman Therriault:    Stated the CAP and KOC are getting ready for the Red, White and Boom event and that KOC is looking to do some cooking.  He stated the CAP received a lot of press and that they are trying to catch up on rockets.   Discussion ensued about the finished pop rockets and discussed the next rocket stages they will be doing.



  1. Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.