January 3, 2022

  1. Minutes

The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in regular session in the Fire Department Multi-Purpose Room, located at 550 South Washington Avenue on Monday January 3, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.




Chairman Kiesel called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Present were Secretary Adams, Member Gaetjens, Alternate Member Caramanna-Collins and Alternate Member Shifalo. Vice Chairman Petyk, Member Green, Member Foster, and Member Jonas were absent. Also attending was, Redevelopment Planner Tim Ford and Recording Secretary Laurie Dargie.




Member Shifalo motioned to approve the minutes from the December 6, 2021 meeting minutes. Member Caramanna-Collins seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote in favor.




Petitions & Requests from Public Present





Chairman Kiesel asked that the Board hear item 7C first on the agenda. The Historic Preservation Board members were in agreement to move to this item first.




Old Business





New Business


Certificate of Appropriateness COA#1-2022 – 329 S. Washington Avenue

Mr. Ford gave a brief overview and said Pat Tyjeski the Historic Preservation officer with S&ME was joining virtually to give a PowerPoint presentation.


Ms. Tyjeski gave a PowerPoint presentation regarding the COA#1-2022 – 329 S. Washington Avenue.


Discussion took place amongst the Historic Preservation Board members, Ms. Tyjeski and Mr. Ford regarding the COA. The Historic Preservation Board members brought up concerns regarding the type of material that is being proposed as being bronze and that this would not be consistent with the surrounding structures, they would like it to match what is existing, which is the aluminum color.


Chairman Kiesel asked that clarification be made when referring to “orientation” in the PowerPoint that it be clear it is referring to the orientation of the entry way to the street and not the angle of the door.


Chairman Kiesel said that any tint used should be clear and for the purpose of UV protection.




Member Shifalo made a motion to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness COA #1-2022 as presented by the Historic Preservation officer which includes all suggested conditions and the following three (3) amended conditions by the Historic Preservation Board: 1. The new window and door color and finish shall match the color and finish of the existing doors and windows on the south half of the building. (Downtown Gallery). 2.  The orientation of the front entry way doors must be preserved as it is today. 3. Tinting of all glass (windows and doors) is limited to clear UV tint.


Roll call was as follows:


Secretary Adams                    Yes

Member Gaetjens                    Yes

Member Shifalo                      Yes

Member Caramanna-Collins   Yes

Chairman Kiesel                     Yes


Motion passed.




Discussion for a May 2022 Workshop

Chairman Kiesel asked the Historic Preservation Board members if they had any input on potential themes for the May workshop.


Some ideas for topics were as follows:

  1. Promoting local designations
  2. Adaptive reuse presentation (Member Shifalo volunteered to give this presentation)
  3. Local designation process, perhaps Mr. Kevin Riley could give a presentation regarding his experience.
  4. How the Historic Preservation Board came about
  5. Presentation on grant (awaiting grant notification which is March 1, 2022)


Chairman Kiesel asked that the Historic Preservation Board members take time to consider the discussed topics and come prepared to the February 7, 2022 meeting with definitive workshop topics. Chairman Kiesel said that a date should also be confirmed for the workshop in May 2022 calendar year, and this date needs to be on a Thursday evening to avoid conflicts with scheduled meetings in the Council Chambers.






Mr. Ford went over the staff reports provided in the agenda.


Mr. Ford said Mr. Warren is finalizing the paperwork for the demolition of 723 S. Palm Avenue.


Mr. Ford said the city should hear about the grant by March 1, 2022.


Mr. Ford said that Dr. George Fayson and Mr. Davis will be giving presentations at the February 7, 2022 meeting regarding the Oakridge Cemetery and Davis Cemetery.


Mr. Ford asked for input regarding updating the Explore Historic Titusville webpage, app, and booklet. The Historic Preservation Board members asked to wait until they hear back about the grant in March before updating anything.


Member Shifalo volunteered to give the semi-annual report in person at the January 25, 2022 City Council meeting.


Chairman Kiesel said he would like to research alternative ways to save future structures such as the 723 S. Palm Avenue structure. Mr. Ford said they looked into multiple alternatives to try and save this structure with Mr. Warren. Chairman Kiesel asked if pictures have been taken to document the structure. Mr. Ford said yes, and he will be taking photos during the demolition.




Adjournment 1:55pm