march mulch madness title with flowers

If you want to retain moisture, control weeds, and reduce erosion and runoff in your yard, you need to think about and ways you can incorporate it into your landscape. This March, let Titusville's Water Conservation Program help you increase your mulch footprint with March Mulch Madness.

What is March Mulch Madness?

For every 4 bags of plain pine bark mulch you buy from March 10 through March 31, 2023 you can receive a $5 credit on your City of Titusville water bill. The maximum credit you can receive is $15 for 12 bags. It's a win win for you, the plants, and the environment.

What you need to do:

  1. You need to be a City of Titusville single-family residential water customer. Why? Because the purpose of Mulch Madness is to save water outdoors and the credit is applied to your water bill. More why? Single-family homes tend to over-water because of too much turf. Over fifty percent of all lawns are over-watered.
  2. Buy plain pine bark mulch any time from March 10 through March 31 at the store of your choice. It must be plain pine bark mulch. No cypress, no rubber, no dyed mulches. Buy your bagged mulch in increments of four in order to maximize your credit: 4 Bags - $5 Credit; 8 Bags - $10 Credit; 12 Bags - $15 Credit. Bags must be at least 1.5 cubic feet. (We aren't giving partial credits, so why buy 7 bags and get a $5 credit when you can buy 8 and get a $10 credit.)  
  3. Keep your receipt(s). All receipts must state "pine bark" or "bark" for the item and must be dated.
  4. Before April 4, you need to fill out the form below, attach your receipts in jpg or pdf format, and submit the form. If you cannot take a picture or scan your receipts, you will need to print out the form, attach your receipts and mail everything to: Mulch Madness, City of Titusville Conservation, 2836 Garden Street, Titusville, FL  32796. All paperwork must be postmarked or received by April 4, 2023.

TA-DA! You're done. Your plants are smilin' and so are you because you saved money AND YOU ARE SAVING WATER!