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[Front Cover – Collage of past Talking Points Magazines cover strewn about, the City Seal in the upper-right corner, and the Titusville Talking Points 5th Anniversary logo (a gold disc atop another, with the ordinal number 5th in blue, wrapped in a red ribbon marked with “Anniversary Issue,” and encircled by the words “Titusville Talking Points Magazine,” also in blue) centered: 2016 –2021 Titusville Talking Points – A Look Back on Five Years of Progress.]


What’s Happening in Titusville

A brief look back at Titusville Five Years of Prosperity.

Economic development has steadily increased in Titusville over the past five years. In every major sector there has been positive growth, bringing our area out of the economic slump which was a result of the 2008 recession and the end of the Space Shuttle Program. By some estimation, the growth we have seen in our town over the past five years is on par with — or even greater than — the economic growth brought about by the dawn of the space race in the 1960s.

As a result of our strong economy, the Titusville-Melbourne-Palm Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) has been named to three prestigious lists by national and international organizations: The 25 Most Dynamic Metropolitan Regions by Heartland Forward; Top 10 Best Performing Large Cities in the U.S. by the Milken Institute; and Top 25 Best of the World Destinations by National Geographic Travel.

Space and Defense

The aerospace and defense contracting industry has exploded in recent years, bringing about a cumulative positive effect on the local economy which has benefited all of us in some way. Lockheed Martin and Boeing are expanding their footprint in the Titusville area, with the former expanding their Fleet Ballistic Missile Program in 2019 by moving its headquarters to Titusville. Presently, Lockheed Martin is beginning construction on their facility expansions in support of that program.

Also, in 2019, Boeing announced their space division headquarters would be relocated from Virginia to Titusville. Coupled with the increased number of launches by SpaceX and the continued growth of Blue Origin’s facility and capabilities in Exploration Park across the river, the space and defense industry has quickly reasserted itself as a major contributor to our area — trend that is expected to increase year over year.

[Photo of the former ATX building.] Caption: The new Lockheed Martin STAR Center, located in the former U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame building. (Lockheed Martin / Dusty Volkel)

In addition to their missile program, Lockheed Martin recently completed its overhaul of the former Astronaut Hall of Fame building located in Riverfront Center, into a


Page 1                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021

What’s Happening in Titusville


processing facility for the Orion spacecraft, in support of NASA’s Artemis program.

Business Growth

Increased growth across the river has historically brought about increased growth on our side of the river, and the past five years has been no different. Small and medium businesses continue to open and expand, providing more employment opportunities and increased tax revenue for the city.

Titus Landing has seen an increase in tenant storefronts, as has the Historic Downtown Titusville, with several restaurants and other business establishments opening up since 2016. Recently, construction began on a new Chipotle restaurant at Titus Landing, much to the excitement of many in town. Also, the Hoffman family has now opened their new restaurant called Hoffman’s Table, located in downtown. Of course, we have to mention the new Popeyes restaurant, now open at the corner of Helen Hauser Boulevard and SR 50, near I-95.

[Photo of a Popeyes Restaurant.] Caption: The new Popeyes Restaurant recently opened on South Helen Hauser Blvd.

Just since October 2020, 176 new business tax receipts have been in Titusville, including home-based businesses, consultant firms, as well as establishments with actual storefronts, and more.

Larger businesses have been moving to the area or expanding their operations as well. Recently, Dark Storm Industries — a firearms manufacturing company — announced they are relocating their business from New York to Titusville, bringing dozens of high-paying, new jobs to the area.

Local business Pharmco Labs, a manufacturer of skincare products, has announced plans to acquire a 15-acre industrial complex in the Spaceport Commerce Park, as part of a $6.1 million expansion project; the company currently utilizes a 15,000 sq. ft. building near South Street in Titusville for a production facility, and leases additional space for warehousing in the Titusville Logistics Center, located on U.S. Highway 1. The company has been in operation in Titusville for more than 20 years, starting as a three-person venture and expanding to employ 70 people today.

Places to Live

[Artist’s rendering showing a new condominium complex.] Caption: Horizon at Sand Point, a new development planned for Downtown Titusville.

Since 2016, there has been a marked increase in residential developments and condominium construction, with a total of 20 projects completed or under development in the past five years. This accounts for an increase in residences by about 1,500 at the end of 2020, with plans for an additional 3,700 over the next few years — for a total of approximately 5,200 residential units.

Accompanying the increase in residential construction is the increase in residential and commercial property values, which has been steady over the past few years.


Another area that has seen a spike in activity over the past few years is the hospitality industry. Along with the increased expansion of the space industry through investment by private space contractors, the expansion of Orlando-area theme parks and the increased interest in ecotourism and bike trails has also helped Titusville make great strides economically.

In the past five years alone, five major hotel chains have come to town, with TownePlace Suites by Marriot, Extended Stay Hotel, and Hyatt Place already open for business; and Courtyard by Marriott and Comfort Suites under construction and in the planning stages, respectively. Even with the impact of COVID on tourism, the future of the area as a vacation destination is expected to remain strong.

[Aerial photo of a Towneplace Suites Hotel.] Caption: TownePlace Suites by Marriott, one of five new Titusville hotels, opened in 2019.

As the pandemic [eventually] winds down, we will hopefully see even greater increases in growth and opportunity for our citizens as the Titusville economy moves forward to bigger and better things.


Page 2                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021

Titusville Talking Points

This year, Titusville Talking Points is celebrating its five-year anniversary as a professional publication.  What started as a single-page bulleted list quickly evolved into a four-page pamphlet with photos in 2015. As development increased throughout town, so did public interest and positive reaction, so Talking Points was then expanded to a 20-page booklet for two issues in 2016. It was expanded again in July 2016 to the multi-page magazine it is today, to include construction updates, community-oriented articles, public events, government news, and special-interest features.

What is unique about Talking Points Magazine is that — with the exception of physical printing provided by FineLine Printing and Graphics in Titusville — the entire magazine is produced in-house by a small staff of writers, photographers, and graphic artists, using information provided by City departments. Using industry-standard equipment and software, our team is able to write and design the magazine for a fraction of the cost of most publications. In fact, other government entities have approached us on several occasions to find out where we produce such a product, only to be surprised to learn we do it ourselves and with no outside advertising or funding. Some have even attempted to produce their own magazine, but found the task too difficult to accomplish, forcing them to contract with private vendors who operate using advertising revenue.

Over the years, the magazine has become a sought-after item by residents and visitors alike, with many people asking for the newest issue weeks before it is even completed. Talking Points has even become a media influencer, as exemplified by the Washington Post highlighting it in its online article of May 16, 2019, titled “The Comeback Coast.” Local businesses featured in the magazine have reported being contacted by local news outlets to tell their story after being featured in our pages. A locally-based international charity has also reported the local Rotary Club has offered support to their Uganda-based program after reading about it in the magazine.

Talking Points has also been a tool to help drive economic development by local leaders and several Realtors such as Space Coast Realty and Rocket City Real Estate, who use it to promote the city to people and businesses moving to the area.

The City and magazine staff wish to thank all of you for the tremendous support you have given for this publication over the years. The positive reviews, shares and comments across social media have been a great motivator to keep working on making the magazine the best we can. With the hard work that goes into each issue, and the tremendous support shown by the citizens of Titusville, we are pleased with the past five years of issues and are excited about what the next five years have in store for the city.

As you will see in the coming pages, a lot has happened in our city since 2016 and our local economy remains strong. Businesses have grown, the number of residential communities has increased, exciting new ventures continue to come to our area; even in the face of a global pandemic, there is a stalwart hope and resiliency against adversity.

Therefore, with gratitude, we now present this special edition of Talking Points as a retrospective look back on the past five years of issues, some of the bigger features and topics we’ve covered, and updates on what’s happening now. We hope you enjoy.


Page 3                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021

[Image depicting one of the first iterations of Talking Points, a multi-page newsletter.] Caption — Above: One of the first iterations of Talking Points from 2015, before it became a magazine.

[Image depicting a more recent copy of Talking Points Magazine.] Caption — Right: The latest issue of Talking Points as a magazine, which started publication in 2016.

[Talking Point Magazine 5th Anniversary logo]

Each year is divided into its four issues. To read more about the topics featured, or to view past issues of the magazine, go to Titusville.com/TalkingPoints and find the issue to read the respective articles.


Page 4                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021


[Images of Talking Points Magazine covers from 2016. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: January 2016 (Graphics showing building designs and a photo of a building); April 2016 (Photo of the pedestrian/bike bridge over Garden Street); July 2016 (Photo of Hobby Lobby under construction at Titus Landing); October 2016 (Boats at the Marina).]

Major Event – Hurricane Matthew

[Satellite image showing a hurricane approaching Florida.]

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, Hurricane Matthew approached the Space Coast as a Category 4 major hurricane. As it moved closer to our area, it began to take a parallel course to the coast, and weakened to a Category 3, sparing Titusville and the surrounding community from what could have been a major catastrophe.


Page 5                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021

January 2016

Titusville Logistics Center

[Aerial photo of a large building under construciton.]

Work went on throughout 2016 on the Titusville Logistics Center, a246,240-square-foot facility leased by Port Canaveral.

Paragon Plastics

[Photo of a building in the early stages of construction.]

Moving from Cocoa, FL in 2016 to Titusville’s Spaceport Commerce Park. Paragon Plastics found a home at 1401 Armstrong Dr. in Titusville.

Draa Field Park

[Photo of excavators and piles of dirt.]

Draa Field Park went unused as an empty field for several years before undergoing renovations to serve as an important aid to improve the water quality of the Indian River Lagoon.   The park features littoral zone plantings, bio-filtration wetland and permeable lime rock wall.

Embraer Aero Seating Technologies

[Aerial photo of a manufacturing plant under construction.]

2016 saw the construction of Embraer’s 50,000-square-foot manufacturing  division, located at Spaceport Commerce Park.

April 2016

Titusville Welcome Center

[Photo of a wood-frame building under construction.]

In order to accommodate visitors from the City’s many planned multi-use trails, construction began on a   Downtown Welcome center in 2016.

Fire Training Tower

[Aerial photo of a metal-sided tower surrounded by fire trucks.]

In 2016, the Titusville Fire Department completed construction on a Fire Training Tower at station 13 on Barna Avenue.  The tower is used to train personnel in live-action scenarios involving high-rise fire rescue.


Page 6                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021

Titus Landing (2016 and Beyond…)

[Aerial photo of a completed Titus Landing with cars in the parking lot.]

Miracle City Mall officially closed its doors in 2013, but it was no secret that the complex had been mostly vacant for many years before that. Many wondered what would become of the property which had operated for over 40 years, or if the dormant space would remain there as a testament to what once was. However, whispers of a new project were quickly making their way around town.

In 2015, a Demolition Party was held to signify the start of that project: Titus Landing, a 190,000 square-foot shopping center including shops, entertainment, and large open space for events and social gatherings. Over 1,000 people attended the event, including city council members, county commissioners, and citizens eager to see what was to come.

[Aerial photo of a segment of Titus Landing under construction.]

Construction continued for the next two years, with the next big event coming in the form of a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first building on October 24, 2016. The opening of Hobby Lobby marked the first of many businesses to open their doors at Titus Landing.

Throughout the next several years, many other milestones would come to excite visitors and residents alike as they saw the opening of businesses, restaurants and more.

In June of 2017, the outparcel building was completed, becoming home to AT&T, BB&T Bank, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Bealls opened in late 2017, marking the official opening of the phase 2 building. The Parrish-Mayo Clinic opened doors in 2017, in its own building on the southwest corner of the property. Epic Theatres opened in the summer of 2018, featuring 12 stadium-seating auditoriums and luxury features such as leather recliner seats. Harley Davidson opened its doors in 2019, west of the phase 2 building. And now in 2021, work continues on another outparcel building to become home to a Chipotle restaurant, complete with a drive-thru.

Titus Landing has come a long way since its conception, and is now home to over 20 flourishing businesses, with more on the way.

[Logos of businesses located at Titus Landing: AT&T, Bealls, Ulta Cosmetics, Wayback Burgers, BB&T Bank, Cosmic Creamery, Coldwell Banker, Parrish Healthcare, Simply Amazing – Unique Boutique, Pizza@, Firehouse Subs, E-Smoker Online, Color Bar, Optical Outlet, Hobby Lobby, Dunkin Donuts, Rack Room Shoes, Epic Theatres, LeCrave, Harley Davidson, Pet Supermarket, Frankie’s Wings, Tuesday Morning, Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant, Lee Spa & Nails.]


Page 7                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021

Becoming a Trail Town 2016 and Beyond…)

[Photo of a family riding bikes together on a trail.]

It all started with a dream — a dream for bicyclists, joggers, and walkers alike to get outdoors and visit Titusville’s beautiful scenery and stunning natural assets. This dream laid the foundation for many changes to come, and paved the way for Titusville to become a Trail Town.

A Trail Town is a vibrant destination where people come together, whether that be through hiking, biking, equestrian riding or boating. Having multi-use trails helps citizens and visitors alike enjoy the amenities and unique heritage of the community, benefiting the town economically and socially.

Several big projects began taking shape in 2016, including the construction of an overpass bridge on Garden Street to connect the northern trails with Downtown Titusville. That year also saw the construction of a Downtown Welcome Center, which provides visitors with information and maps for the area. The Welcome Center originally also featured a bicycle shop run by the Coast-to-Coast Bicycle Company, which sold and repaired bikes. However, the shop was forced to close during COVID-19 due to inventory issues, and the space is now home to a gift shop run by the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Titusville is now home to three cycling, pedestrian, and multi-use trails:

  • Coast-to-Coast Trail — a 250-mile trail spanning from St. Petersburg to Titusville which is 80% complete.
  • East Coast Greenway — a 3,000-mile route that begins in Calais, Maine, and runs along the Eastern Seaboard to Key West, Florida.
  • St. John’s River to Sea Loop — a nearly 260-mile trail loop that will cut through five Central Florida counties including Brevard, Flagler, Putnam, St. John’s, and Volusia. The trail is approximately 50% complete.

In addition to these major trails, several other bicycle and pedestrian facilities are available in the City, including recreational and transportation-focused facilities.

In 2018, Titusville was officially designated as a Trail Town by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Greenways and Trails. The official plaque was presented at a Downtown Street Party in April of that year, making us the second city in Florida to receive this honor.

[Photo of a group of people holding the official Trail Town plaque.]


Page 8                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021

July 2016

Titusville Logistics Center

[Photo of a large building, with a sign stating “Titusville Logistics Center – Port Canaveral.]

The Titusville Logistics Center was completed and opened in July, 2016, with 22 bays for commercial and industrial applications. One of its first tenants was RUAG Space USA, a Swiss-based aerospace company.

Blue Origins Facility

[Photo of a large building under construction.]

In June of 2016, a groundbreaking was held for Blue Origin. The 306-acre site is known as the Blue Origin Orbital launch Site. Blue Origin became one of the first of many new aerospace firms to revitalize the Space Coast’s namesake industry.

Lockheed Martin Purchases Astrotech

[Photo of white and blue industrial building with an American Flag on a pole.]

Lockheed Martin officially announced on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 that they would be moving their space system operations into the Astrotech facility on Chaffee Drive.

Indian River Landings

[Photo of cleared land and construction equipment.]

Land clearing and site construction began on the development of a 22-lot, single-family home subdivision on Riveredge Drive, south of Cheney Highway (SR 50).

October 2016

Solamere Grand

[Construction equipment in an empty dirt lot.]

Construction on the 216-unit apartment complex and clubhouse went underway in 2016, across the street from Jackson Middle School on Knox McRae Drive.

Embraer Aero Seating Opens

[Photo of a white building with blue signage.]

Embraer opened their facility which employs approximately 50 technicians, crew and admin staff. The company manufactures seats for various models of executive aircraft.


Page 9                   Talking Points   / 2016 – 2021

October 2016


Titusville Splash Pad

[Photo of a concrete slab.]

The Titusville Splash Pad started as a community-driven effort, with City Council receiving a $211,799 donation from several local civic groups and individuals to begin construction. A groundbreaking ceremony took place in October 2016, with the park opening on June 10, 2017.

Former Randolph Inn

[Photo of an abandoned motel.]

Renovation began on the former Randolph Inn located at 3800 South Washington Avenue, to turn the empty hotel into condominiums.

Marina Park Renovations

[Photo of a dirt bicycle track.]

Marina Park saw several new renovations, including the implementation

of a BMX bike track.

Lockheed Martin officially announced on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 that they would be moving their space system operations into the Astrotech facility on Chaffee Drive.

Also in 2016:


  • Brix Project
  • Orleans Bistro and Bar
  • Starbucks
  • Bagel13
  • Heroes Grill
  • Lloyd Have Mercy
  • Ice House Foods
  • Cruiser’s Frozen Yogurt


  • Space Coast Credit Union
  • Top Shelf Car Wash
  • CoLaunch
  • US Navy Former at Sunbelt Building
  • Ace Hardware Garden Street
  • Walmart Liquor Store
  • Family Dollar Store Dairy Rd.
  • O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
  • Autozone SR50
  • New Energy Services
  • Fischer Nissan
  • ACT2 Technologies
  • 8K Solutions
  • Kutryb Eye
  • Book Rack


  • Area IV Wellfield
  • Baffle Boxes
  • Indian River Lagoon BMAP
  • Downtown Murals
  • Save Our Lagoon 1/2 Cent Sales Tax
  • Bus Stop Shelters
  • Space Coast Regional Airport Upgrades
  • Titusville Marina


  • Forest Trace


Page 10                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021


[Images of Talking Points Magazine covers from 2017. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: January 2017 (Titusville 150th Anniversary logo on old parchment paper); April 2017 (Photo of trees growing out of the water in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge); July 2017 (Photo of children playing at the Splash Pad); October 2017 (A mother and father walking with their young child in front of businesses).]

[City of Titusville 150th Anniversary logo]

[Photo of Mayor Walt Johnson giving a speech at night.]

Major Event – Titusville at 150 Years

In 2017, Titusville celebrated its Sesquicentennial – 150 years of history! The year kicked off with a street party on January 13, which featured former Mayor Walt Johnson and resident Polly Schuster driving an antique car through the streets of Downtown Titusville.

The event also featured the opening of a time capsule that had been sealed at Titusville’s Centennial celebration in 1967. The capsule featured a letter from former Mayor Wendell Sease for the future mayor of Titusville in 2017, a special Centennial Key, a letter from Mrs. Griggs — Titusville’s oldest citizen at the time — and a copy of the Centennial edition of the local newspaper, the Star-Advocate.


Page 11                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

January 2017

Draa Field Park Completed

[Photo of a fountain in a pond.]

Draa Field Park opened completely reborn in November of 2016 as a Stormwater Pond. The new and improved Draa Field Park features a paved walking trail and fountain.

Julia & Nevins Courtyards Renovation

[Photo of a courtyard under construction between buildings, with a red truck parked in the middle.]

In December of 2016, work began on the rehab of the Julia & Nevins courtyards in Downtown Titusville. Previously, the courtyards were outfitted with large concrete planters. Work would continue on the courtyards for years, with several improvements and renovations taking place.


Titusville Welcome Center Opens

[Photo of the yellow-painted Titusville Welcome Center, with bicyclists in front.]

The project was completed in 2016 with a grand opening on November 18th. Today, the Welcome Center is staffed by volunteers of the Titusville Chamber of Commerce, who provide information about the area. Also inside is a small gift shop which is operated by the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.


New Titusville City Council

[Photo of City Council members seated at the dais.]

A new Titusville City Council was elected in November of 2016, consisting of Mayor Walt Johnson, Vice Mayor Matt Barringer, and Council Members Sarah Stoeckel, Dan Diesel, and Jo Lynn Nelson.


April 2017

Paragon Plastics Opens

[Photo of a manufacturing building.]

Today the company employs nearly 50 people and has become a leader in the thermal-forming and plastic parts manufacturing business.

Aerospace Boom

[Photo of a large, steel building under construction surrounded by cranes.]

The April 2017 Edition featured an article on the boom of aerospace growth, as Blue Origin, One Web and RUAG work to bring the local aerospace sector back to life.


Page 12                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

July 2017

Splash Pad Opens

[Photo of children playing at the multicolored splash pad.

The Splash Pad is now open daily. The 7,000-square-foot area features nautical themed elements including sprayers and fountains, as well as palm trees, lounge chairs and shade structures for a comfortable place to have some fun in the sun.

Former Gooding’s Building – Grove Church

[Concept art of what the inside of the church will look like, including a large, open common area.]

The property located at 1450 Harris St. was once home to a Goodings long ago, but sat empty for over 19 years. In 2017, the building was purchased for $750,000, slated to become home to the new Grove Church headquarters.

Forest Trace

[Photo of cleared land with dirt piles and vehicles.]

Forest Trace received site permits for the planned 133-lot subdivision located east of Sisson Road and began construction in 2016.

La Cita Country Club

[Aerial photo of the yellow clubhouse and connected tower.]

In late 2016, the La Cita Country Club was acquired by new owners and underwent a series of renovations and changes.  Renovations saw the complete overhaul of the gym, lobby, and pool.

October 2017

Riverfront Park

[Photo of a river shoreline eroded by a storm, with sections of sidewalk missing.]

Riverfront Park on U.S. 1 had a rough couple of years. Already slated to be renovated, the park was heavily damaged during Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Irma in 2017. As a result, the City began planning a massive facelift for the ravaged property.

Park Preserve

[Photo looking through a line of trees at cleared land and construction barriers.]

Site construction began on a 39-lot single family home subdivision on the corner of Know McRae Drive and South Park Avenue.


Page 13                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

October 2017


TownePlace Suites by Marriott

[Photo of a cleared lot.]

Towneplace Suites by Marriott was the first of several new hotels to be constructed on Helen Hauser Boulevard, which underwent major renovations to accommodate the new traffic and budding properties.

MedFast Urgent Care

[Photo of a white building with blue trim and signage.]

A new urgent care facility was under construction in front of Titusville High School, on the lot where a Checker’s restaurant once stood in the early 1990s.

Hurricane Irma Recovery

[Satellite image of a hurricane approaching Florida.]

Hurricane Irma approached the space coast on September 10, 2017, resulting in moderate damage throughout the city, including private and public docks, shoreline parks, and other facilities.  It would take several months before repairs and construction would take place.

Also in 2017


  • Victorio’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Garden Street


  • Cumberland Farms US1 & SR50
  • Broom Hildy
  • RUAG Space USA
  • Titusville Storage
  • Garden Street Barber Shop Renovation
  • Woodgrain Distribution
  • Tecvalco
  • USA Yacht Stabilizers
  • Priests for Life
  • Murphy Oil
  • Astro Pak


  • Watermain Upgrades
  • Titusville Tomorrow


Page 14                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021


[Images of Talking Points Magazine covers from 2018. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: January 2018 (Photo of Titusville Chamber of Commerce building and LED sign with Titusville artistic logo and “Shop Local,” Greater Titusville Renaissance); April 2018 (Photo of blue shade sails in courtyard, with text: “Saving the Lagoon.”); July 2018 (Photo of a downtown street lamp with flower basket and banners, text: 24 Hours in Titusville.”); October 2018 (Photo of two women walking across the street in downtown, shopping, with Trail Town logo).]

[Photo of Mayor Walt Johnson receiving the Trail Town plaque.]

Major Event – Titusville a Trail Town

On June 27th, 2018 the City of Titusville was designated as the 2nd Trail Town in the state of Florida, and on September 14, Mayor Walt Johnson was awarded with an official plaque at the Friday Nite Live street party.


Page 15                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

January 2018

Greater Titusville Renaissance

[Aerial photo of US1 in Downtown Titusville, showing cars driving.]

The January 2018 Edition featured an article on the Greater Titusville Renaissance, a local volunteer organization whose mission is to help Titusville grow.

MedFast Urgent Care Opens

[Photo of a white building with blue trim and signage.]

The urgent care facility located in front of Titusville High School opened its doors to the public.   Today, it has become just one of the many tools available to our citizens in the fight against COVID-19.

April 2018

Hopkins Avenue Resurfacing

[Aerial photo of road repaving work with heavy machinery.]

The city began a $3 million project to repave Hopkins Avenue in 2018, which included widening the road for bicycle traffic, adding school zone signage, resurfacing the sidewalks and implementing ADA compliant curbs.

Restoring the Indian River Lagoon

[Aerial photo over the river showing buildings in the distance.]

The April 2018 issue featured an article on the city’s efforts to restore the Indian River Lagoon, including septic system conversions, stormwater parks, and littoral zone vegetation planting.

Julia & Nevins Courtyards Completed

[Photo showing a courtyard between buildings, with blue shade sails, seating and signage.]

The Julia and Nevins courtyards were completely transformed with benches, sun shade structures, business directory signs, and trash cans, creating an area that allows for better public usability and space during Downtown Titusville’s many public events.

Solamere Grand Opens

[Photo showing a newly completed apartment building with a pool.]

Today, the luxury apartments are open and boast some of the largest apartment living space in the area. Apartments range from 1,253 to 1,581 sq ft. Amenities include a fitness center, playground and pool.


Page 16                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

July 2018

Titusville Point Retail Center

[Aerial photo showing a wooded lot at the corner of two busy roads.]

Plans for the development of a gas station and other retail and service businesses were announced for the corner of SR 50 and SR 405.

LaunchNow Titusville

[Photo of concrete stairs on the back of an old building.]

The July 2018 Edition featured an in-depth look at the LaunchNow project going on in Downtown Titusville.

October 2018

South Carpenter Estates

[Photo of a paved road and houses under construction.]

Site clearing began for South Carpenter Estates in 2018, beginning construction of 70 single family homes on South Carpenter Road near the corner of Fox Lake Road.

Blue Origins Opens

[Photo of a blue and white manufacturing plant.]

Located in Exploration Park, the facility originally opened in 2018, but would undergo several expansions in its many years of business. Today, the facility is being used to build a rocket engine test stand for the BE-4 engine, the most powerful liquified natural gas engine ever developed.

Day Street Veteran’s Cemetery

[Photo of a dilapidated cemetery entrance.]

The 40-year-old Day Street Cemetery fell into quiet disrepair over the years. However, in 2018, a group of volunteers known as Friends of the Cemetery began a serious renovation project to revive the cemetery and honor those who were buried there.

[Photo of the same cemetery entrance after being refurbished, with new arch sign, landscaping, and colorful accoutrements.]

Through their valiant efforts, the cemetery looks like a completely new place today, featuring new walkways, benches, fencing and landscaping have made the cemetery a beautiful site honoring our veterans.


Page 17                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

October 2018


New Environmental Initiatives

[Aerial photo of a small island in the Indian River.]

At their July 23, 2019 City Council Meeting, the Titusville City Council passed three new resolutions supporting programs that help the local environment, including the reduction of single-use plastics and support for the KBB Lagoon Friendly Lawn Program and countywide composting program.

Did You Know?

[Cover image from the 2018 Holiday Edition of Talking Points, designed to look like a wrapped gift torn open to reveal a photo of a lighted Christmas Tree.]

In 2018, we started the Holiday Edition of Titusville Talking Points to showcase the events going on in town throughout the holiday season. Every year, Titusville comes to life with parades, festivals, street parties, and more. The Holiday Edition comes out in late November with a look ahead at events going on through January of the next year.

Also in 2018


  • Durango’s Steakhouse New Location
  • Downtown Diner
  • Third Culture Kitchen
  • Pier 220


  • Cumberland Farms Garden Street
  • Infinite Mushroom Comics & Games
  • River & Main Barber
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Garden Street
  • North American Surveillance
  • Palm Point Behavioral Health Center


  • Bike & Boater Friendly Business Program
  • Resilient Titusville
  • City Hall Makeover
  • Downtown Bike Trail Paths


  • Luna Trails Apartment Complex
  • Brookshire Subdivision
  • Willow Creek
  • Fox lake Hammock


Page 18                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021


[Images of Talking Points Magazine covers from 2019. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: January 2019 (Photo of a kayaker in the river at sunrise.); April 2019 (Photo of Titus Landing signage); July 2019 (Photo of the Police Hall of Fame building.); October 2019 (Photo of a night rocket launch along the river.]

[Screenshot of CNN Travel website news item showing the Saturn V rocket inside a building.]

Space Coast Featured by CNN

On June 27th, 2018 the City of Titusville was designated as the 2nd Trail Town in the state of Florida, and on September 14, Mayor Walt Johnson was awarded with an official plaque at the Friday Nite Live street party.


Page 19                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

January 2019

TownePlace Suites by Marriott Opens

[Aerial photo of TownePlace Suites hotel now completed.]

TownePlace Suites by Marriott completed construction on their 5,230- square-foot hotel in 2018. Each of its 112 rooms is individually decorated and furnished, featuring a separate sitting area.

Hyatt Place

[Photo of a cleared dirt lot.]

One of Titusville’s biggest attractions is its proximity to the breathtaking launches of spacecraft just across the river. One of the biggest selling points of Titusville’s new Hyatt Hotel quickly became the gorgeous views it would offer from its launch-viewing lounge on the fifth floor.

DREAM Space Coast

[Photo of old condos.]

The January 2019 Edition featured an article on the former Bay Towers, now known as DREAM Space Coast, which is being overhauled and turned into luxury apartments.

Hopkins Roadwork Complete

[Photo of a newly paved road.]

The $3 million project took several months, and now offers a safer means of travel for over 230+ businesses, schools, and residents on Hopkins Avenue, included marked bike paths along the sides.

Luna Trails Apartment Complex

[Aerial photo of a future building’s footprint being cleared on a lot.]

In late 2018, construction began on Luna Trails, an 84-unit, 3-story apartment complex located on the southeast corner of Sycamore Street and Deleon Avenue.

New Fire Department Squad Vehicle

[Photo of a new fire department truck.]

Titusville Fire Department took possession of a new advanced life support response vehicle.


Page 20                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

April 2019

Extended Stay Hotel

[Aerial photo of a hotel under construction.]

Following the completion of the new Helen Hauser Blvd., construction of Extended Stay America hotel began in 2018, adjacent to an upcoming Durango’s restaurant.

Mobile Titusville

[Graphic depicting modes of transportation and a map of Titusville, text: City of Titusville MultiModal Master Plan.]

The City held several public workshops to finalize their Multimodal Plan, which helps promote connectivity and safety of the city’s bicycle, pedestrian, and transit systems.

July 2019

Courtyard by Marriott

[Photo of people shoveling dirt during a groundbreaking ceremony.]

Work began on Courtyard by Marriott, a 152-room, five story hotel with an open deck on the roof at 6225 Riverfront Center Blvd.

Boeing Space Moves to Space Coast

[Photo of a space capsule on a transport trailer with a Boeing sign behind it.]

On June 19, 2019, the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast announced that Boeing would be relocating their headquarters to Titusville.

Eternal Flame Project

[Photo of Police Hall of Fame building.]

The July 2019 Edition featured an article on the American Police Hall of Fame, along with their ongoing project; The Law Enforcement Eternal Flame, a 10-story tall infinity symbol with a burning flame as a tribute to law enforcement.

River Palms Condos

[Photo of an empty lot along the river.]

Site work began on River Palms, consisting of two condo buildings totaling 100 residential units at 1805 Riverside Drive across from Titusville High School.


Page 21                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

October 2019

Unique Flavors of Downtown

[Close-up photo wine bottles and glasses on a table.]

The October 2019 Edition featured an article about The Unique Flavors of Downtown. Several new restaurants opened in the downtown area at once and are all still thriving today: Pier 13 Coffee, Mad Utter Ice Cream Shop, and OhVino Wine Bar.

Lockheed Martin Ballistic Missile HQ

[Photo of a white building with the US Flag, Florida Stare Flag and Lockheed Martin flag and sign.]

In 2019, Lockheed Martin officially marked the relocation of its Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) headquarters to Titusville with a ceremony attended by local officials and dignitaries.

Robin Fischer Honored with Plaque at Titus Landing

[Photo of Robin Fischer with his bronze plaque on an exterior wall.]

Former Titusville Council Member and Brevard County Commissioner Robin Fisher was honored with a commemorative plaque at Titus Landing on Oct. 7, 2019 for his hard work in bringing the new retail center to town.

Also in 2019


  • C’s Waffles


  • Aero Electronics
  • Beachwave
  • CuraLeaf
  • Miracle City Harley Davidson
  • Beat the Clock Escape Room
  • Community Credit Union
  • Woodgrain Distribution
  • St. Stephen’s
  • Ralph’s Transfer Company
  • Life Storage
  • Titusville Mall Auto Center


  • Sand Point Park Exercise Equipment
  • East Central Florida Resilience
  • Parrish Park Boat Ramps
  • Indian River Oyster Bars
  • Keep Brevard Beautiful Lagoon Program
  • County Composting Program
  • Single-use Plastic Program


  • La Hacienda


Page 22                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021


[Images of Talking Points Magazine covers from 2020. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: January 2020 (Photo of a woodpecker bird on a tree, text: “Birds of a Feather.”); April 2020 (Photo of a young boy sitting with a fishing pole and a fish on the steps of a pier.); July 2020 (Photo of rocket launch.); October 2020 (Photo of a house with a for sale sign out front.]

[Photo of a group of people at a ceremony along a road.]

Major Event | MLK Jr. Blvd

During the annual Martin Luther King Day celebration, SR 405 from US 1 south to SR 50 was given the honorary designation of “Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Blvd.”


Page 23                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

January 2020

Titusville Point

[Aerial photo showing land clearing at the corner of two busy roads.]

Located at the intersection of SR 405 and SR 50, Titusville Point is one of the first locations visitors will pass through coming in to town off of I-95 or traveling east from Orlando. Construction began in 2020 on Titusville Point, a site which would house three commercial buildings: Cumberland Farms, Aspen Dental and Discount Tire.


[Photo of cleared lot with dirt.]

Construction began in 2019 on Beachwave, a 16,800-square-foot commercial plaza to be located on the southwest corner of Garden Street and Indian River Avenue.

Verona Subdivision (Formerly Willow Creek)

[Photo of a brick and concrete sign that says Verona, at night.]

Formerly known as Willow Creek, construction on Verona subdivision really took off in 2020. The project is located off of Grissom Parkway and is being done in multiple phases, with over 300 homes planned.

Let’s Roll Space Coast Roller Rink

[Photo of a yellow and brown storefront.]

Many years ago, the Publix supermarket on Garden Street closed down in favor of the modernized, expanded store next door. The building sat empty for several years in a prime location, and many wondered if a new business would move in. In 2020, work began on Let’s Roll Space Coast, an indoor roller skating rink.

Space View Park Observation Pier

[Aerial photo showing an inlet off the river, surrounded by a park and buildings.]

The City is excitedly exploring the possibility of constructing a pedestrian/observation pier connecting Space View Park to Veterans Park in Downtown Titusville.

Fostering Growth in Uganda

[Photo of an elderly couple standing in front of a waterfall.]

The January 2020 Edition featured an article on Roz and Henry Foster, a Titusville couple who have been involved in several life-changing programs in the country of Uganda.


Page 24                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

January 2020


Space Coast Birding Festival

[Photo of a blue scrubjay bird.]

The January 2020 Edition featured an article on the 23rd Annual Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, which draws thousands of tourists to our area and spurs the local economy each year.

The Grove Church

[Photo of a group of people in front of a building with signage reading “The Grove Church.”]

After putting $2 million into the project, the Grove Church was completed and opened January 17, 2020, completely transformed into a church with offices, vendor space, and a children’s wing. They offer 3 services on Sunday as well as opportunities to serve the community.  

April 2020

Luna Trails Apartments Opens

[Aerial photo of a newly constructed apartment building.]

The 84-unit, 3-story apartment complex located on the southeast corner of Sycamore Street and Deleon Avenue was completed in 2020.

COVID-19 Response

[Graphic depicting a COVID-19 cell, text: COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease 2019.]

The beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic surprised many when it hit in the spring of 2020.  The City responded by closing facilities to the public, however, no services were impacted.

July 2020

Let’s Roll Space Coast Roller Rink

[Photo inside a roller rink with people skating.]

Today, Let’s Roll Space Coast is open for business, and welcomes roller skaters of all ages to come enjoy the unique indoor space.

Hyatt Place Opens

[Photo of a new hotel.]

The Titusville Hyatt officially opened its doors, featuring five stories, 119 rooms and a two-story office and retail building featuring higher-end luxury accommodations.


Page 25                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

October 2020

Extended Stay Hotel Opens

[Aerial photo of a new hotel.]

Today the Hotel is fully operational, and houses 124 hotel units within its four-story hotel.

Park Preserve Subdivision Completed

[Aerial photo of new houses.]

Home construction completed on the 39-lot single family home subdivision at the corner of South Park Avenue and Knox McRae Drive.

Also in 2020


  • Rearview Coffee
  • Popeyes
  • Duke’s Thai and American Food
  • Brooklyn Hub
  • Caribbean Delights
  • Cosmic Creamery


  • Cumberland Farms Titusville Point
  • Engineered Bonding Solutions
  • MJW Consolidated
  • Dozier Crane
  • LeNgineer
  • Aspen Dental
  • Discount Tire
  • Merritt Precision Manufacturing
  • Barlow Orthodontics
  • Kayak’s by Bo
  • Vystar Credit Union
  • Box Drop Mattresses


  • 2020 Census
  • ATX Development
  • N. Brevard Farmers Market


  • Hope Hammock


Page 26                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021


[Images of Talking Points Magazine covers from 2021. Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: January 2021 (Photo of a girl in the spotlight on a stage.); April 2021 (Artist’s rendering of people walking on a pier on the river.); July 2021 (Old photo of Downtown Titusville, circa 1930s.)]

[Photo of two women windsurfing on the river.]

Titusville Area Makes Prestigious Lists

The Titusville-Melbourne-Palm Bay Metropolitan Area was named to three national and international lists due to the strength of its economy and tourism industry. The lists include:

  • The 25 Most Dynamic Metropolitan Regions — Heartland Forward
  • Top 10 Best Performing Large Cities in the U.S. — Milken Institute
  • Top 25 Best of the World Destinations — National Geographic Travel


Page 27                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

January 2021

McLaren of Orlando

[Photo of a McLaren super sportscar.]


McLaren of Orlando opened a showroom for their luxury sports cars at Knight’s Armament at 701 Columbia Blvd.

New Titusville City Council

[Photo of City Council Members, left-to-right: Member Joe Robinson, Vice Mayor Jo Lynn Nelson, Mayor Daniel E. Diesel, Member Robert L. Jordan, Jr., Member Dr. Sarah Stoeckel.]

A new Titusville City Council was elected in November of 2020, consisting of Mayor Dan Diesel, Vice Mayor Jo Lynn Nelson, and Council Members Robert Jordan, Sarah Stoeckel, and Joe Robinson.

April 2021

Beachwave Opens

[Photo of a new Beachwave store.]

Beachwave is now open for business.

Fox Lake Hammock

[Photo of an excavator digging a ditch.]

Fox Lake Hammock has been in the planning stages for several years, and is finally underway in 2021 on South Street, north of Fox Lake Road. When complete, the subdivision will contain 62 single-family homes.

The Shores at Tranquility

[Aerial photo of wooded land along the shore of the Indian River Lagoon.]

Formerly known as Antiqua Bay, planning for the 97-lot subdivision now known as The Shores at Tranquility began initial site work on Phase 1.  During a Grand Opening sale, all 97 lots sold out immediately.

[Artist rendering of the clubhouse from the new residential community.]

Once complete, the project will include a private, gated residential community along the Indian River. The project will also feature a resort-style swimming pool, tennis and picketball courts, a playground, a fitness center, and a mixed-use town center.


Page 28                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

July 2021

Amazon Fulfillment Center

[Photo of an Amazon building.]

Site work has begun on the new Amazon Fulfillment Center on Grissom Parkway in North Brevard County. The $13 million, 200,000-square-foot project is expected to employ 300 people.

Titusville Playhouse Expansion

[Photo of the stage of a theater.]

The Titusville Playhouse announced a major venue expansion to create a “Performing Arts Hub and Entertainment District” in Downtown Titusville.

[Design layout depicting the locations of different building that will be a part of the new entertainment district in Downtown Titusville.]

Explore Historic Titusville

[Old photo of Downtown Titusville, with dirt roads and horse-drawn carts, circa 1890s.]

The City of Titusville launched a new mobile app and website that features historic stories, tours, and photos detailing Titusville’s rich history! For more information, visit history.titusville.com

[Image from the Historic Titusville mobile app, listing different topics.]

Forest Trace Completed

[Aerial photo showing newly constructed houses.]

As of July 2021, construction is complete on all 133 lots.


Page 29                                Talking Points  / 2016 – 2021

Also in 2021


  • Chipotle
  • Hoffman’s Table


  • Comfort Suites
  • Nu-Vision Office
  • 5 Below
  • Harbor Freight Tools
  • Daley Trade
  • Titusville Medical Office
  • Mutter Realty
  • Olive You
  • Launch Federal Credit Union
  • Alpha-Omega Training & Compliance
  • Florida Classic Custom Auto
  • Titusville Ballet & Jazz
  • Florida Healthcare Plans
  • Medec Clinic
  • A-C-T Space Coast
  • Dark Storm Industries


  • Home Depot Outparcel
  • Chaffee Drive Development
  • One Lagoon National Estuary Program
  • Chaffee Drive Development
  • Parrish Park Trailhead
  • TitusvillePD In Focus
  • Fox Lake Playground
  • Sewer Main Repair
  • Lagoon Loyal Program


  • Falcon’s Roost
  • Huntington Park
  • Brooks Landing
  • Wendy Lee Condos
  • Elizabeth Townhomes
  • Horizon at Sand Point


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