April 2019 Titusville Talking Points — ADA

[Front Cover – April 2019 Titusville Talking Points (Titusville City Seal); Photo of Titus Landing sign surrounded by trees, with text and graphics superimposed: Rollin’ down the River, The tale of Kayaks by Bo and their move to a new home – page 6; Then & Now, Titus Landing 2 ½ years later, Over 20 stores have opened and there’s still more to come, page 8 (Archive aerial photo of the former Miracle City Mall with a full parking lot).]



[Photo of Japanese students seated at the City Council dais.] Caption: Japanese students paid a visit to city hall and received a tour of our government offices and council chamber by City manager Scott Larese.


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      • Aero Electronics
      • Step-by-Step Learning Center
      • River Palms
      • Titusville Storage
      • Extended Stay Hotel
      • Brookshire Subdivision
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      • Luna Trails
      • Hyatt Hotel
      • Fox Lake Venue Center
      • Indian River Landings
      • Durango’s
      • Blue Origin
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      • CRA Updates
      • C’s Waffles – Baldwin Shopping Center
      • Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant
      • Courtyard by Marriott
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      • Woodgrain Distribution
      • South Carpenter Estates
      • Forest Trace
      • Former Randolph Inn
      • Logistics Center Gets New Tenant
    1. Page 6
      • Kayaks by Bo is Growing — The story of their business and new home.
    2. Page 8
      •  Center Pages – 54 Months Later! First Hobby Lobby, now Harley. . . a look at all that has opened at Titus Landing.

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      • County Parks Summer Camp — Brevard County Parks and Rec. have plans to give kids a great summer..Page 12
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      • DREAM Space Coast — Work continues on towers’ major revamp.
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      • Annual Sea Turtle Festival
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      • City Landscaping – Mourning Dove’s Natural Vegetation
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      • Resilient Titusville Update
      • EFSC Scholarship Available – Announcing the Certified Production Technician Scholarship Program
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      • New Baffle Boxes
      • Move Over - Save Lives
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      • Mobile Titusville – City’s Multi-modal transportation plan.
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      • Titusville Police Updates
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      • Titusville Fire Updates
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      • Miracle City Harley Davidson
      • Titusville Mall Auto Center
      • Stoney’s Real Pit BBQ
      • Plametto Street Baffle Box 
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    • Downtown Titusville Business Listing
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    • Historic Building Spotlight
    • City Contact Numbers
    • City Social Media


Talking Points Staff: Jim Thomas – Managing Editor; Kurtis Korwan, Shane Daily –Layout/Design/Photojournalism


Inside Cover                       Talking Points  / April 2019

[Graphic depicting fireworks exploding in the sky with patriotic red, white, and blue curved stripes with stars; text: Red, White & Boom! Come celebrate Independence Day with us! July 4, 2019, 7 to 10 p.m., Sand Point Park, Titusville. Enjoy live music, food & drinks, bounce houses, vendors, and more. Sponsored by Parrish Healthcare, PCM Products Inc., Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce; City of Titusville Seal, hashtag launch from here.]

Page 1                   Talking Points   / April 2019


Aero Electronics

[Photo of a metal building with a sign stating Aero Electronics.]

Site plans have been approved for a 10,000-square-foot addition to the existing building located at 411 S. Park Avenue.

Step by Step Learning Center

[Satellite photo showing a plot of land with a building and a yellow star marking the location.]

Site plans are under review for an 18,000-square-foot children’s daycare center located north of South Street and west of S. Park Avenue.

River Palms

[Photo showing a cleared strip of pavement along the river.]

A site permit and building permit have been issued for 100 residential condominium units within two buildings, with associated amenities, located at 1805 Riverside Drive.

Titusville Storage

[Image of a site plan for a building.]

A site plan has been approved to redevelop the former Kmart building into indoor, climate-controlled storage facility at 810 Cheney Highway.

Extended Stay Hotel

[Aerial photo showing an excavator digging up land]

Construction has begun on a 124-unity, 4-story hotel located at the southern terminus of Helen Hauser Boulevard adjacent to the new Durango’s restaurant.

Brookshire Subdivision

[Photo of a sign in front of trees, stating “Coming Soon.”]

Preliminary plat/engineering plans have been approved for a 170 single-family home subdivision located at the northwest corner of Garden Street and I-95.


Page 2                   Talking Points   / April 2019


Luna Trails

[Aerial photo of a building under construction.]

Construction continues on an 84-unit, 3-story apartment complex located at the southeast corner of Sycamore Street and Deleon Avenue.

Hyatt Hotel

[Photo showing heavy equipment and a building under construction.]

Site construction continues on a 119-unit hotel and a 2-story office/retail building at the corner of U.S. 1 and Riverfront Center Boulevard (formerly Vectorspace Boulevard).

Fox Lake Venue Event Center

[Graphic depicting the layout of an event center.]

Site plans have been approved for a 10,900-square-foot event center located at 3815 Fox Lake Road. The proposal includes the construction of the event center, associated parking, stormwater and landscaping.

Indian River Landings

[Aerial photo showing several homes completed and others under construction.]

Several homes have been completed and more homes are under construction at the 22-lot subdivision located on Riveredge Drive.


[Aerial photo of a nearly completed restaurant.]

Construction is nearing completion for a 6,600-square-foot restaurant located along Helen Hauser Boulevard, south of S.R. 50.

Blue Origin

[Image of a site plan depicting the layout of two buildings on a section of land.]

Building permits have been reviewed and issued for two new buildings on the Blue Origin Campus. The TCAT Building (Testing and Clearing Tanks associated with manufacturing process of rockets) will be 219 feet tall and 26,313 square feet. The SCF (Surface Coating Facility) will be 68 feet tall and 71,710 square feet.


Page 3                   Talking Points   / April 2019


CRA Updates

[Preferred Materials Inc. logo over a photo of broken road pavement.]

City Council approved a Street Paving Contract to Preferred Materials, Inc., of Orlando, Florida, which includes the street resurfacing of Palm Avenue in the CRA. The estimated cost of the resurfacing is $122,826.

[Photo of a wheelchair -accessible curb slope.]

The CRA will fund the infill of sidewalks and ADA curbs on Orange Street for an estimated cost of $51,554. Earlier this fiscal year, sidewalk and ADA curb improvements were made on Indian River Avenue and Main Street.

[Aerial photo showing a parking lot.]

Landscape lighting will be installed around the perimeter of the Julia Street Parking Lot in the next couple of months. The lights will provide a festive feel to this highly visible public space in the downtown.

Additionally, studies and cost estimates are being performed to estimate the cost of adding street lights on Broad Street between Palm Avenue and Indian River Avenue and pedestrian lights on Julia Street west of Hopkins Avenue.

C’s Waffles - Baldwin Shopping Center

[Photo of a restaurant storefront with a sign reading “C’s Waffles Coming Soon.”]

Coming soon to the Baldwin Shopping Center in Downtown Titusville, C’S Waffles will be opening up shop in the former location of The Coffee Shop. C’s Waffles has four other locations throughout New Smyrna Beach, Daytona, and Edgewater.

Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant - Titus Landing

[Aerial photo showing the exterior of a restaurant.]

Interior construction has commenced on a new restaurant at Titus Landing, directly across from EPIC Theatres. Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant presently has eight locations throughout Florida, with the closest being in Cocoa Beach.

Courtyard by Marriott

[Artist’s rendering of a hotel.]

A new 152-room Courtyard by Marriott hotel is being planned for the riverfront property adjacent to the former U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame along Riverfront Center Blvd. The new hotel will also offer prime launch-viewing from a fifth-floor observation deck. There is no word on future plans for the former AHOF building itself.


Page 4                   Talking Points   / April 2019


Woodgrain Distribution

[Photo of a nearly-completed manufacturing building.]

The structure is nearly complete for Woodgrain Distribution’s new 80,000-square-foot expansion off Grissom Pkwy on Shepard Drive.

South Carpenter Estates

[Photo of the entrance to a subdivision with a concrete sign being constructed.]

Roads are being graded and entry facade walls are being constructed at the new 70-lot, single-family home subdivision along South Carpenter Road, near Fox Lake Road.

Forest Trace

[Aerial photo showing a row of multiple homes.]

Homes are being sold and families are moving in while construction continues in this new 133-lot subdivision off of Sisson Road.

Former Randolph Inn

[Photo of an apartment complex with newly paved parking lot.]

Pavement resurfacing has begun at the site of the former Randolph Inn along U.S. 1. New landscaping and trees have been installed as the developer works to convert the former hotel into condos.

Logistics Center Welcomes New Tenant

February marked the opening of the second business at the Port Canaveral Logistics Center in Titusville. Ralph’s Transfer Co. has been operating for over 38 years and recently expanded into the Titusville area. The business contracts with local retailers such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, JC Penny and Costco, to deliver ordered goods to customers. The 62,000-square-foot facility includes office space and a massive storage bay, which staff uses to house the ordered goods while they inspect them for damage. Once inspections are complete, the products are loaded and shipped to customers in the area.

[Photo of a large building.]


Page 5                   Talking Points   / April 2019


[Photo showing a kayaker on the water during a purple sunset.]

Rollin’ Down the River

Kayaks by Bo moves to a waterfront location, but keeps its focus on the customer.

Who is Bo? Some say that Bo was lazy and took naps all day. Others say he enjoyed life to the fullest and his favorite pastime was getting out on the water. To Tom and Lyn Altif, the owners of Kayaks by Bo, he was a caring friend who deserved his name on the sign. Periodically, they would even get calls from customers who said they previously bought a kayak from Bo and would ask if they can get a discount on their next purchase.

According to the Altifs, Bo was very understanding, loving, and affectionate; at the end of the day he would look at them as if to say, “I know you’ve had a ‘ruff’ day, but that dog bowl is not going to fill itself!” Yes, the business was named after their loving dog Bo, a Labrador who was very much at home on the water. Sadly, Bo passed away after many years of exploring the area, but his name lives on as the figurehead of their business.


How it All Began

Tom Altif grew up in East Orange County and spent many weekends fishing in Titusville. As he got older, he would bring his kids to explore Haulover Canal and Playalinda Beach, even before it was designated as a National Seashore. He eventually realized that there were no kayak retailers in town. This upset him, as the family loved the natural charm of Titusville and were disappointed that so few people were exploring the area. So, in 2008, he set out to change that by opening a little kayak retail company of his own — Kayaks by Bo, located off of Garden Street.

“Our business concept is to encourage visitors to enjoy the ‘Real Florida’ including the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, the Canaveral National Seashore Park, the beaches and the numerous spring runs and rivers found throughout Florida,” says the Altifs. 

To him, the greater Titusville area is the perfect place to launch excursions and was hidden secret that had only been discovered by true nature lovers and conservationists. But, according to Altiff, that is changing as more people and businesses flock to the area.

Business quickly began picking up as more and more residents discovered the joys of kayaking on the Indian River Lagoon. The Altifs soon found themselves with too much business for such a little space, so they sold their old building and moved to the downtown area next to the Emma Parrish Theater in 2012.

[Photo of a yellow building with multiple storefronts.] Caption: The former Kayaks by Bo building, which they occupied in the downtown area for many years.

The Joys of Kayaking

Kayaks by Bo remained in the downtown area for seven years as more and more people began kayaking in the area. Each year, tourists and local residents alike would head out onto the


Page 6                   Talking Points   / April 2019


Rollin’ Down the River


water for a variety of fun maritime activities. With fishing being so popular on the Space Coast, many were casting off in their kayaks for great spots like Haulover Canal, Mosquito Lagoon, and, of course, their own private fishing spots right here in the Indian River Lagoon.

[Text graphic: “I’m a big believer that if something is meant to happen, it will.”]

Kayaks quickly became very popular with space enthusiasts who enjoyed seeing the breathtaking launches from the Kennedy Space Center. With the launch pads right across the river, kayaking out into the lagoon gives you an unbeatable view of each launch, day or night. 

[Photo of a young man and his parents standing in front of a building’s sign which reads “Kayaks by Bo.”] Caption: Jason, Lyn, and Tom Altif at the site of their new store.

“Using a Kayak is the best way to view the wildlife and enjoy nature,” say the Altifs. “Kayaking is wonderful family fun; excellent exercise, a superb method of fishing and nature viewing, and just plain relaxing.” 

Making the Move

Late in 2018, a new opportunity arose for the Altifs when the building that once housed Barnlight Electric located at 3405 South Washington Avenue became available for purchase. Buying the building was a big financial decision, but the property had everything the Altifs were looking for: a bigger warehouse, private dock with a floating dock and kayak launch, and, of course, direct access to the river. These amenities are opening doors to new opportunities for the company, including offering their own kayak tours. 

“It was a tough decision,” said Tom, “a lot of people as they get older try to shy away from big financial changes and play it safe, but we could not pass up the opportunity to relocate on the water and consolidate our store, warehouse, and rentals, and have the ability to offer bioluminescence tours all from one location.” 

In addition to the summertime bioluminescence tours, the new location directly across the river from NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building is the perfect launching point for guided night time rocket viewings — something the Altifs are looking to capitalize on.

[Photo of red kayaks stacked along the river, with docks in the background.] Caption: A view of the river and the space center from the dock behind the Altif’s building.

“I’m a big believer that if something is meant to happen, it will,” says Lyn, “there were a lot of questions and concerns going in, but now [the move] was definitely worth it. The new location on the river is perfect for our future plans, and the added traffic of people traveling to and from Titus Landing nearby has been tremendous.” 

Every Dog Has Its Day

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but with the recent developments at the store, it looks like that might not be true after all. Keeping in line with tradition, their latest rescue dog Marley Grace frequently visits the store to greet customers, something that people have grown to enjoy. 

So, what’s next for the Altifs? According to Tom, some much needed time off. For two years an RV has been parked and waiting for the day he would be able to take off on the open highway. Now, his time is approaching. The plan: drive out west and if he gets to a place he knows Lyn would like, she’ll fly out to meet him and make a vacation of it. 

“Our son Jason will be managing the business while Lyn and I take a much needed vacation at some of our national parks around the country,” says Tom. Well, with the success of the store and the hard work The Altifs have put into it, that would be a vacation well deserved.

[Photo of an old dog lying next to a kayak.] Caption: Marley Grace frequently visits the shop to greet customers.


Page 7                   Talking Points   / April 2019


[Aerial photo of a Harley Davidson motorcycle store, with the Titus Landing logo superimposed.] Caption: An aerial photo of the new Miracle City Harley Davidson at Titus Landing, with a plethora of motorcycles ready for sale.

[Photo insert: People inside a store looking at motorcycles.] Caption: The showroom of the store with plenty for customers to peruse. (Photo: Miracle City Harley Davidson Facebook)

54 Months and Counting…

It’s hard to believe it’s been two-and-a-half years since Titus Landing first opened its doors with the official ribbon cutting of Hobby Lobby on October 24, 2016; and even longer since the demolition of the old Miracle City Mall in 2015. In that time, the project has continued to grow by leaps and bounds and is now home to over twenty new businesses.

Just recently, Miracle City Harley Davidson opened its doors to excited customers on March 9, 2019, with a series of weekend concerts and celebrations — something they plan to continue every weekend for the foreseeable future. This opening marked the completion of phase two of the project which started with stores such as Ulta, Bealls, and Tuesday Morning, and Epic Theaters just across the parking lot.

For a time, there were many who didn’t believe the project would ever get off the ground because of financial concerns and liens on the property, however AG Development Group and their contractor Excell Project Management continued to move forward — much to the delight of the thousands of people who now flock to the theater, shops and restaurants that are located in this lifestyle center.

Progress continues as the developers recently announced plans for a new Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant coming soon, which will be located in the west corner unit, opposite EPIC Theatre and Miracle City Harley Davidson.

Titus Landing is also becoming a new cultural center with a comfortable outdoor plaza that hosts several events each year, such as outdoor concerts, marathons, and holiday celebrations.

The venue is also a perfect place for launch viewing, as the property sits right across the street from the Indian River Lagoon.

Now, just 54 months since the first store opened, citizens of Titusville are happy to have Titus Landing becoming such a success as part of the city’s tapestry of local shopping and dining. Here’s to many more years of success in the future.


Page 8                   Talking Points   / April 2019

54 Months and Counting…


What’s Opened So Far:


[Hobby Lobby logo]


[Company logos: Pet Supermarket, Pizza@, Parrish Healthcare, BB&T Bank, Dunkin’ Donuts, AT&T, Firehouse Subs, E-Smoker Online, Titus Nail and Spa, Bealls, Wayback Burgers, Coldwell Bankers.]


[Company logos: Rack Room Shoes, Ulta Beauty, Tuesday Morning, Epic Theatres, Color Bar Spa, Amazing Jewelry.]


[Company logos: LeCrave, Optical Outlets, Harley Davidson.]


Page 9                   Talking Points   / April 2019


Brevard County Parks & Recreation – North Area Parks

Brevard County – North Area Parks Summer Day Camp Program

May 31, 2019 to August 9, 2019

Register at your community center or online at https://registration.brevardfl.gov

Mondays through Fridays 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

$90 per child, per week; or $30 per child, per day. Discounts available for qualifying participants/

Camp activities include:

  • Indoor and outdoor games,
  • Arts and crafts,
  • Swim “pool” days,
  • In-county field trips,
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities, and more.

Ages 5 through 12, Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

[Brevard County logo]

Connect, Share, Network:

  • [Facebook logo] Facebook @bcprnorth
  • [Twitter logo] twitter.com/brevardparks
  • [Instagram logo] Instagram/brevardparks

[Brevard County Parks and Recreation logo]

Explore & discover more at www.brevardparks.com


Page 10                 Talking Points   / April 2019

Brevard County – North Area Parks Summer Day Camp Program


Brevard North Area Parks Summer Day Camp Community Center Contact Guide

May 31, 2019 through August 9, 2019

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Ages 5 through 12, $30 per child per day, $90 per child per week.

For more information contact your local community center:

  • Titusville & Mims
    1. Cuyler Community Center – 2329 Harry T. Moore Ave., Mims – 321-264-5045
    2. Isaac Campbell Community Center – 701 South Street, Titusville – 321-264-5040
    3. Sandrift Community Center – 321-264-5037
  • Port St. John (PSJ)
    1. PSJ   Community Center – 6650 Corto Rd., Port St. John, FL 32927
  • Cocoa & Sharpes
    1. Walter Butler Community Center – 4201 N. Cocoa Blvd., Cocoa, FL 32927

Contact your community center to check eligibility requirements. Discounted rates apply to weekly camp fees for traditional teen, and persons with disabilities camps. Once a sponsorship is exhausted, the participant is responsible for the remainder of costs associated with camp and will continue to remain eligible through the partnership and if applicable through Brevard County Parks and Recreation discounts.

Register at your community center or online at https://registration.brevardfl.gov

[Brevard County logo]

Connect, Share, Network:

  • [Facebook logo] Facebook @bcprnorth
  • [Twitter logo] twitter.com/brevardparks
  • [Instagram logo] Instagram/brevardparks

[Brevard County Parks and Recreation logo]

Explore & discover more at www.brevardparks.com


Page 11                 Talking Points   / April 2019


[Artist’s rendering of an apartment complex at night.]

[Insert photo: Bedroom inside an apartment.] Caption: The bedroom of one of the units in DREAM Space Coast.

Luxurious Ambitions

Work continues to bring the former Bay Towers in mid-town Titusville back to life as the buildings are converted into luxury apartments under the name DREAM Space Coast, under the new ownership of Dream, Live, Prosper — a real estate management firm based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. DLP currently handles 41 properties throughout the United States, including several in Florida and Georgia.

Over the past several months, DLP has been diligently working to repair and improve the property from the less-than-ideal conditions it had been in for several years. Chief among the repairs has been the complete replacement of the roofs on all three buildings, and the overhaul of the HVAC system. Other repairs and upgrades have been made to the elevators, pool, electrical system, plumbing, fire/safety system, lobby and Grand Room; also adding a modern health and wellness wing with all new equipment.

Outside, landscaping is being done and new paint is being applied — a white with a kind of sea foam accent color — all to help make the exterior live up to the expectations one would have of luxury apartment living. All of this work is expected to be completed by mid-May.

[Photo of an apartment living room.] Caption: Inside the display unit of DREAM Space Coast, showing the layout and design of a typical apartment unit.

“We’re excited to bring this level of accommodations to Titusville this Spring,” said Amy Barricelli, Vice President of Leasing, Marketing and Revenue at DLP Real Estate Management. “We’re already renting apartments for mid-May move-ins, so it’s pretty clear that people are excited about the luxury rental experience we’re bringing to Titusville.

DREAM Space Coast rentals start at $1,060 per month for a Studio Apartment, and range up to $2,690 per month for larger units. Amenities and resident services to be offered include: valet dry cleaning, Amazon Hub locker delivery services, Starbucks coffee, a gaming room, eCafe, and a Health & Wellness Center featuring a cardio fitness room, streaming on-demand cycle studio, and a yoga and pilates studio.

Outdoor amenities will include a tranquility garden, a four hole putting golf green, bocce ball, a summer kitchenette, “Dive-In Movies” poolside, and a fire pit with seating perfect to watch rocket launches.

[Dream Space Coast logo]


Page 12                 Talking Points   / April 2019


9th Annual Titusville Sea Turtle Festival

[Graphic of a sea turtle under water.]

May 11, 2019 Downtown Titusville

Join us for a free family fun community event and great day of sea turtle- inspired fun! Learn simple things you can do to protect endangered sea turtles with Canaveral National Seashore and Sea Turtle reservation Society. Look forward to a fun-filled day of sea turtle artists, crafters, turtle talks, live entertainment, chalk art, dance groups, face painting, bounce house, sea turtle crafts for kids, and more!

For more information go to our Facebook page @TitusvilleSeaTurtleFestival

[Photo collage showing images of sea turtle art, food trucks, crowds of people, and a baby sea turtle.]


Page 13                 Talking Points   / April 2019


[Photo of a water treatment building.]

Landscaping with Native Plants

When you look at the Mourning Dove Water Production Plant you immediately notice something that sets it apart from all of the other city facilities: the plants directly in front of the main parking lot. This landscape area does not feature the turf grass and trimmed ornamentals common to most city sites; instead you see a vigorous plant bed with a diverse selection of plants that seems just a little wild. With a closer look, you realize that what you don’t see are invasive plants, sprinkler heads, cypress mulch, or a focus on turf. 

Originally, the planting area was the typical turf grass strip separating the parking lot from the sidewalk. In the early 2000’s a plant bed was created. While a step in the right direction towards reducing the high-water use turf, it failed because the plants chosen for the strip could not survive in the harsh site, which is located on the south side of the building and surrounded by heat-reflecting sidewalks and pavements and exposed to pollutants from idling cars at the traffic signal. While they were attractive, under the site conditions the plants required significant maintenance including irrigation, fertilizer, and pesticides. The initial landscape failed to meet the first principle of Florida-Friendly landscaping--placing the right plant in the right place. 

In 2003 the Water Resources Conservation Program commissioned local artists to paint a mural of Florida native plants on the retaining wall in front of the Mourning Dove facility. The mural was designed to catch the eyes of motorists stopped at the traffic light by illustrating the wide variety of native plants in each of Florida’s ecosystems. 

Building upon the success of the mural, in 2005 the Conservation Program used the now almost empty plant bed as the impetus for an opportunity to offer Titusville residents a living example of the use of native plants in the landscape. The Conservation Program partnered with the North Chapter of Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB) to take this vacant strip and fill it primarily with native plants including Beautyberry, Coontie, Muhly Grass, Firebush, Dune Sunflower, Dahoon Holly, and Saw Palmetto. The objective was to not only beautify this highly visible strip of land, but also educate the public on the use of native plants. Plants were chosen that were sustainable given the site conditions and readily available to the public. The partnership enabled the North Chapter to be awarded a $1,138.46 Keep Brevard Beautiful, Inc. Xeriscape/Beautification Grant. The grant was part of a matching grants program for nonprofit organizations to promote landscaping projects on public land. Water Conservation provided in-kind plant materials and services to make the project come to life. The project was completed in March, 2005 and won the 2005 Building a More Beautiful Brevard Award for a landscaping project in north Brevard that year. 

In the fourteen years since the landscaping was installed, this sliver of native habitat has thrived. No irrigation has been used since the drip irrigation was discontinued after the first few months of establishment in 2005. No fertilizer or pesticides have been applied, which means it has not contributed to the toxins running off into the Indian River Lagoon. It has been re-mulched once over the years with pine bark so that no living tree was killed in order to provide the mulch. It has been used as a living educational exhibit for both passersby and groups touring the water plant. Pictures featuring its plants have frequently been used in the Conservation Program’s publications and handouts. 

Over the next few months as part of the Conservation Program’s renewed focus on outdoor water conservation and improving the health of the Indian River Lagoon, the landscape area will be receiving a refresh. Working with the Florida Native Plant Society, Conservation will be adding some new native specimens, revamping signage, and freshening up the area while keeping its wild and natural beauty. Having a living exhibit that shows residents native species, their growth habit, and their ability to thrive is an integral tool for the water conservation message; while cultivating native landscapes for its facilities is fundamental to Titusville’s environmental sustainability and health.

According to the Florida Native Plant Society, a Florida native plant “refers to a species occurring within the state boundaries prior to European contact, according to the best available scientific and historical documentation. Florida native plants include those species understood as indigenous, occurring in natural associations in habitats that existed prior to significant human impacts and alterations of the landscape.”

[Photo of native plants in a parking lot.]


Page 14                 Talking Points   / April 2019


Resilient Titusville

Staff from the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council held the third public engagement activity for Resilient Titusville on March 28, 2019; presenting the vulnerability assessment, summary of community input, and proposed resiliency themes. Also present at the workshop were staff from the UF/IFAS Extension office and Brevard County Natural Resources Management.


Next step: The finalized resiliency plan will be presented to the City Council on May 28, 2019 during the 5:30pm presentation meeting.

[Photo of a group of people visiting display tables.]

[Photo of three people reviewing information on charts.]

Certified Production Technician Scholarship Program

[Eastern Florida State College logo]

Scholarships are now available for Titusville residents and/or employees of Titusville businesses through the Eastern Florida State College Foundation! For more information, contact Patty Boatman, Workforce Training and Development Coordinator at 321-433-7514 or at boatmanp@easternflorida.edu.


Page 15                 Talking Points   / April 2019


New Baffle Boxes

Installation of three new baffle boxes within the South Street basin is underway. These boxes will help treat stormwater from a 235-acre basin that drains to the Indian River Lagoon. This important project will not only help improve the water quality of the Indian River Lagoon, it will also assist the city in meeting its pollutant removal allocation required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 

A Baffle Box is a structure with a series of settling chambers whose primary function is to remove sediment, debris, trash, and their associated pollutants from stormwater. The box is then vacuum-cleaned and the material is properly disposed of, preventing the sediment, debris and trash from ever entering the lagoon. The city has received grant funding for construction of this project from Brevard County’s Save our Indian River Lagoon fund, the St Johns River Water Management District, and the Florida State Legislature.

[Photo of a concrete baffle box being lowered into the ground by a crane.]

Move Over – or slow down for emergency lights.

Florida law requires you to Move Over a lane — when you can safely do so — for stopped law enforcement, emergency, sanitation, utility service vehicles and tow trucks or wreckers.

If you can’t move over — or when on a two-lane road — slow to a speed that is 20 mph less than the posted speed limit.

Slow down to 5 mph when the posted speed limit is 20 mph or less.

When you fail to Move Over, you put yourself and others at risk; you could crash into a vehicle or worker.

Violating the Move Over law will result in a fine, fees, and points on your driving record.

Did You Know?

It is illegal to drive with your hazard lights flashing. According to Florida law, drivers must only turn on their hazard lights if they are stationary. Hazard lights may seem like the right idea during blinding storms, but they are not! 

“Hazard lights are just that — the signal of a hazard, and you use them when you have pulled over to the side of the road or are disabled or in an accident,” said Matt Nasworthy, American Automobile Association public affairs director for Florida. “You cannot use them when you’re moving. It only causes confusion. Other drivers have no idea what you’re doing.”


Page 16                 Talking Points   / April 2019


Multimodal Plan

[Icons depicting a car, bus, bicyclist, pedestrian, golf cart, and boater.]

The City of Titusville is finalizing a Multimodal Master Plan to help promote connectivity and improve overall safety. Our goal is to identify several bicycle, pedestrian, and transit improvements within the City. The plan reflects input from citizens, business owners, and community representatives and best practices proposed by the City’s consultant.

Take the survey at www.titusville.com/mobility and tell us what you think. The Community Development staff and representatives from Kimley-Horn and Associates of Orlando want to hear from you! For more information, visit www.titusville.com/mobility to sign up for the Community Development Department contact list to receive updates on this project. Scan the QR code to the right to be taken directly to the online survey.

Visit www.titusville.com/mobility and sign up for email notifications about project updates, upcoming events, and to read and comment on draft documents as they are prepared.

Attend a workshop or community event. City Staff and representatives from Kimley-Horn of Orlando will be present at the events and meetings below. Come share your input!

  • Public Presentation - Thursday, April 11, 2019, at 6:00pm (Titusville City Hall)
  • Planning and Zoning - Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at 6:00pm (Titusville City Hall)
  • City Council - Tuesday, May 28, 2019, at 5:30pm (Titusville City Hall)

Help spread the word on social media and invite your friends and neighbors to speak out and support the Multimodal Plan.

[Mobile Titusville logo]

[Photo of bicyclists starting a group ride.]


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Titusville Police Department

[Titusville Police logo.]

Promoting Teamwork within our community – 1100 John Glenn Blvd., Titusville, FL  32780 — PH 321-264-7800

The number one complaint the police department receives from citizens is speeding and other traffic violations. Over the past several years, the traffic volume in Titusville has increased tremendously. The Titusville Police Department has seen an increase in traffic crashes but the real spike has been in serious crashes with serious injuries. We believe that this is largely due to the increased volume of cars compounded with distractive driving and excess speed.

Our department has recently started posting on our social media sites the exact locations that we will be running radar and conducting traffic enforcement. We are encouraging everyone to follow us on one of our social media sites so you can see for yourselves where we will be. In addition, we will only be enforcing our traffic laws in the areas that we have the most accidents and/or complaints.

Below is a list of what traffic fines will cost you. Please be mindful of all traffic laws and save yourself a lot of money.



Fine Amount

Child Restraint


Fail to Stop at a Traffic Signal


Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle


Leaving Child Unattended - Engine not running


Move Over Law


Moving Violation (F.S. 316)


Moving Violation (F.S. 320 & 322)


Non-moving Violation


Passing Stopped School Bus


Railroad Crossing


Safety Belt



Speeding (Graduated Scale - Miles Over Posted Limit).

Fine Amount

6 – 9 mph over


10 – 14 mph over


15 – 19 mph over


20 – 29 mph over



Speeding - School Zone or School CrossingFine Amount

6 – 9 mph over


10 – 14 mph over


15 – 19 mph over


20 – 29 mph over


30+ mph over



Speeding - Work ZoneFine Amount

6 – 9 mph over


10 – 14 mph over


15 – 19 mph over


20 – 29 mph over


30+ mph over




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[Titusville Fire Department logo.]

Titusville Fire Department

550 S. Washington Ave. — Titusville, FL  32796 — 321.567.3800

Squad 11 is 10-8!

In February of this year, Titusville Fire Department placed into service Squad 11, a first of its kind for our department. Squad 11 is a rescue vehicle based on a Ford F-350 chassis with a custom-built body. Custom Truck & Body Works, Inc. located in Woodbury, Georgia completed the vehicle. Staffed with 2 personnel, at least one of which is a paramedic, Squad 11 is housed with Engine 11 and is the primary response vehicle from Station 11 for all medical calls and is advanced life support capable. 

Having this vehicle in service takes the call load off the larger apparatus, thereby reducing maintenance, wear and tear and fuel costs. Additionally, Squad 11 is equipped with a cache of SCBA bottles for emergency calls such as structure fires, where personnel are using their air packs for longer durations. Vehicle mounted and portable scene lighting, hand tools, positive pressure ventilation fan, various power saws and rescue struts used for vehicle stabilization make this a dynamic, low-profile multi-purpose response vehicle. We are excited to add this vehicle to our fleet and the additional capabilities it gives our personnel on emergency scenes.

[Photo of an emergency vehicle.]


Ember Says...

“Riding safe is your responsibility?” 

Florida has ranked in the top 3 in bicycle and pedestrian fatalities every year since 2001. 

Start with your A, B, C’s before you get on your bicycle. 

  • A is for air. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  • B is for brakes. Make sure your brakes are working. Make sure they do not rub on wheel when not applied.
  • C is for chain. Your chain should be oiled and dirt/rust free.

Once your bike is in good condition to ride, make sure your head is. Wear your helmet! For tips on helmet fitting visit https://www.nhtsa.gov/road-safety/bicyclists

Remember that when you are on a bicycle you are considered a driver. The same rules of the road apply to you when you’re on your bike.

See you out on the trails!


FY 2019 Service Statistics

QuarterAverage Response TimeFire CallsMedical CallsOther CallsTotal Calla

Qtr 1 (October 2018 through December 2019)

4.48 Minutes





Qtr 2 (January 2019 through March 2019)

4.48 Minutes






FY 2019 Service Calls per Station

QuarterStation 10Station 11Station 12Station 13

Qtr 1 (October 2018 through December 2019)





Qtr 2 (January 2019 through March 2019)






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Miracle City Harley Davidson

[Photo of a Harley Davidson dealership, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.]

Miracle City Harley Davidson is now open for business at Titus Landing.

Titusville Mall Auto Center

[Photo of a auto repair center, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.]

The Titusville Mall Auto Center is now open for business at the Titusville Mall on U.S. 1.

Stoney’s Real Pit Barbecue

[Photo of a restaurant’s exterior, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.]

Stoney’s Real Pit Barbecue is now open for business at 3776 Hopkins Avenue.

Palmetto Street Baffle Box

[Aerial photo of a newly-paved segment of road, with “Completed” stamp superimposed.]

The baffle box located on Palmetto Street in front of Titusville Fire Department’s headquarters and City Hall is now complete and traffic through the area has been restored.

Historic Downtown Titusville

Thanks to all of our local businesses in the CRA district that make Downtown Titusville such an awesome place to be!

  • Downtown Art Gallery
  • MacSweets Bakery
  • Hotpoint Boutique
  • Playalinda Brewing Company
  • Hardware Store
  • Aker Eye Vision Source
  • The Grand Martini
  • Coast to Coast Bicycle Company
  • Cruisers Frozen Yogurt Shop
  • The Yoga Loft
  • Chef Larry’s
  • Expressions Hair Salon
  • Salty Mermaid Spa
  • The Painted Turtle Art Studio
  • Sunrise Bread Company
  • Dusty Rose Antique Mall
  • Crescent Coffee Company
  • Shuler Auctioneers
  • About an Inch Salon
  • Downtown Dance Studio
  • Fish Skinz
  • Downtown Diner
  • Harry’s Smooth Cigar & Vape
  • Launch Now Titusville Project
  • North Brevard Historical Society
  • & Museum
  • Badcock Furniture
  • Main Street Philly
  • River & Main Barber Shop


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Historic Building Spotlight

[Photo of a Spanish-style older building with arched front area.]

Downtown Titusville is full of historic relics, such as the Pritchard House or the Old Walker Hotel and Titusville Bank. Another such building is the old Hill Hotel.

The land was sold to Mary E. Titus in 1883 before being sold to Fred Hill in 1914. In 1926, he built The Hill Hotel Apartments.

[Aerial photo of the Spanish-style concrete building with arched front area.]

This building is still standing today! The property is now owned by Debbie and Cliff Shuler, who have maintained the structure and many of its original fixtures. The building also includes 1920s pineapple light fixtures and two large brass lions that stand sentry at the entrance.

Presently, the property is available as short-term rental units for people coming to the area for business or leisure and want something different than a typical hotel room.

Important City Numbers

Building Department


Business Tax Receipts (Occupational Licenses)


City Clerk


City Hall Main Number


City Hall FAX Number


City Manager’s Office


Code Enforcement


Community Advocate


Customer Service (Utility Billing)


Economic Development


Fire Department (Non-Emergency)


Fire Public Education


Human Resources




Neighborhood Services


Municipal Marina




Planning Department


Police (Non-Emergency)


Police / Fire Rescue (Emergency)


Solid Waste




Stormwater (After Hours Emergency)


Streets Maintenance


Water Field Operations (Water Main Break)


Water Main Break (After Hours Emergency)


Water Resources Conservation Program


LED Sign Information



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[Back Cover – Photo of the waters and trees of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Text: City of Titusville. 555 South Washington Ave., Titusville, FL  32796. www.Titusville.com]