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[Front Cover – A rendering of Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune lifted high above Earth by a space-age balloon. (Space Perspective). July 2022 Titusville Talking Points with Titusville City Seal; Get a New Perspective – Titusville’s at the forefront of Space Tourism, pg. 9; Insert photo of a woman: Marcia on the Move — Chamber of Commerce President poised to take on new role with Titusville Playhouse. Pg 5.]


[Photo of viewing telescopes looking across the river at the Vehicle Assemble Building.] Caption: Newly-installed view telescopes at Scobie Park provide a close-up view of what’s going on across the river at Kennedy Space Center.


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[Photo space balloon orbiting Earth.] On the Cover: A rendering of Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune lifted high above Earth by a space-age balloon. (Space Perspective)


Inside Cover                       Talking Points / July 2022

What’s Happening in Titusville

Here are the Newest Updates for What’s Going On in Town



New Stage in Life — pg. 5

Marcia Gaedcke makes the move from Chamber of Commerce to Theater.

Aerospace Education Boost — pg. 6

Eastern Florida State receives state funding for new center in Titusville.

Constructing their Future — pg. 7

Bragg Companies opens new headquarters in Titusville.

Go for Throttle Up — pg. 8

New attraction opens at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

They Need Their Space — pg. 11

Rocket City Real Estate cuts ribbon on their new office.

Titusville Community Service Award— pg. 12


Space tourism company set to give thrill-seekers a new view of Earth.

CITY GOV NEWS — pg. 13



Table of Contents            Talking Points  / July 2022



[Photo of a wooded area along SR 50 — the future location of a restaurant.] A site plan is under review for a 4,443-square-foot restaurant located south of Cheney Highway and west of Winchester Drive.

Tranquility Bay, Phase 2

[Artist rendering of a clubhouse and pool.] A sketch plat is under review for Phase 2 of the 104-lot, single-family home subdivision located east of US1 and north of State Road 405.

[Artist rendering of a community center at night with people.] Site construction continues for Phase 1 of the subdivision consisting of 99 single-family homes.


[Photo of an empty lot with a sign that reads “Valentino’s.”] A site plan is under review for a 2,700-square-foot restaurant to be located at the corner of Knox McRae Dr. and US 1.

Burger King

[Photo of a Burger King restaurant.] A site plan is under review for a 3,117-square-foot restaurant located at 11 S. Washington Avenue. The project consists of the demolition of the existing restaurant, site-related improvements, and construction of a new Burger King restaurant.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

[Photo of a car wash and large sign that says “Lowe’s”— the future site of a restaurant.] A site plan has been approved for a 1,542-square-foot drive-thru restaurant located at 4670 South Street. The project includes demolishing the existing car wash on the property.

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Mutter Office Building

[Photo of a new, yellow, corner building.] Site and building construction is nearing completion for a 2,316-square-foot office building located at 346 S. Washington Avenue.

AOTC Office Building

[Photo of a new warehouse under construction.] Site construction is nearing completion for a 9,600-square-foot office and storage building located at 1540 Armstrong Drive.

Titusville Ballet & Jazz

[Photo of a wooded area with a sign in front: “Future Home of Titusville Ballet & Jazz Center.”] A site permit has been issued for a 15,300-square-foot dance studio to be located east of S. Washington Avenue and west of Riveredge Drive.

Kayaks by Bo

[Photo of a metal building with cars out front.] A site plan has been approved for a 1,500-square-foot retail building located at 3405 S. Washington Avenue.


[Photo of a new building under construction.] Site and building construction is nearing completion for a 13,400-square-foot office and fabrication shop/warehouse located at 1825 Shepard Drive.


[Photo of a wooded lot with a for sale sign.] A site plan is under review for a 6,119-square-foot restaurant with gas pumps located at 1245 Grumman Place, across from the Titusville Police Department headquarters.

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[Photo of a new building nearing completion.] Construction is nearing completion on a new 3,965-square-foot office building located at the corner of Pinedo Drive and US 1.


[Photo of an old bank building being renovated.] Construction has begun on a new MedFast medical facility at 2525 Garden St.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

[Photo of a former car dealership being renovated.] Construction has begun for site related changes to the property located at 1026 S. Hopkins Avenue for a car rental business.

Comfort Suites

[Photo of ground work underway at a construction site.] Construction has begun on a 68,922-square-foot, 122-room hotel located at 4830 Helen Hauser Boulevard.

Discount Tire

[Photo of a new concrete building under construction.] Construction continues on a new Discount Tire vehicle service center, located at the corner of SR 405 and SR 50, in the Titusville Point plaza.

SNJ Townhomes

[A schematic showing the layout of a development.] A site permit has been issued for 28 two-story townhome units located south of E. Whispering Hills Road and east of Elizabeth Avenue.


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Community Redevelopment Agency Updates

[Photo of street in front of the Titusville Playhouse with road barricades.] CRA funds paid $181,385 to resurface Stephen House Way; Mariners Way; Grace St. between US-1 and Hopkins Avenue; Brevard Street east of Washington Avenue; Julia Street west of Hopkins Avenue; Broad Street east of Indian River Avenue and west of Palm Avenue; and Hopkins Avenue between US-1 and Grace Street.

[Photo of a new, green street light in front of the theater.] New pedestrian street lights matching those on Washington Avenue and Hopkins Avenue have been installed on Julia Street between Palm Avenue and Hopkins Avenue. The project also involved reconstructing the south sidewalk and resurfacing the street.

[Photo of Titusville sign at corner of Brevard St. and S. Washington Ave.] The CRA and City Council approved $35,000 in additional landscaping at the intersections of US-1 and side streets between Grace Street and Broad Street in the CRA. The purpose of the landscaping improvements is to add more color to the area along these corridors.

[Photo of viewing telescopes overlooking the Indian River and Kennedy Space Center in the distance.] The City is in the process of making improvements to Scobie Park, which is located at the intersection of Main St. & Indian River Ave, just south of the Wells Fargo. Funded by a Brevard County Tourist Development Council Lagoon Grant, the upgrades will include a pervious rock walkway, additional mangrove plantings, installation of native plants along the road and within a bioswale, benches and a viewing telescope. Expected completion: Fall 2022.

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Second Act

As the curtain closes on one career, the lights shine bright on a new opportunity.

[Photo of Marcia Gaedcke superimposed over a theater stage.]

Marcia Gaedcke, President of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce, recently announced she will be stepping down from her position after 24 years of service. She announced in May that she will be ending her tenure with the chamber and will begin a new position as Development Director with the Titusville Playhouse.

A lifelong resident of Titusville, Gaedcke has seen the ebb and flow of Titusville’s changing economic landscape. From the flat and static days post-shuttle program to the current growth of space-related and area business.

“I adore this community and this organization, and I am proud of the resilience and spirit that we exhibit time and time again,” says Gaedcke.

Titusville has one of the fastest-growing high-tech sectors in the country. Brevard County has seen a 41% increase in tech jobs from 2015 to 2021.

“I believe the Chamber has been helpful in the ongoing development of North Brevard,” asserted Gaedcke. The Chamber’s mission is to develop, enhance and maintain a strong and diverse business climate and support a prosperous community.

Gaedcke achieved honors early in her career with the Chamber when she was named honoree with the LEADBrevard 4 under 40 in 2007, and an Excellence in Leadership Award from Women Who Rock in 2017.

Over the last 24 years, Gaedcke’s leadership has included positions on various boards including the Merritt Island Wildlife Association and United Way. Gaedcke’s commitment to the community has also extended to culture and the arts, serving as Vice President on Titusville Playhouse’s board of directors.

[Photo of two women holding an award.] Caption: Marcia Gaedcke (Right) receiving the LEAD Brevard 4 under 40 Award in 2007, with the 2006 recipient Kim Agee. (Photo: M. Gaedcke/Facebook)

“Marcia will be heading up the relationships with donations and contributions from corporate and individual donors. She will be leading the charge along with myself as we begin the capital campaign to start the development of the new Titusville Playhouse Entertainment District,” says Steven Heron, Executive Artistic Director for the Titusville Playhouse.

[Photo of three people.] Caption — Left to Right: Titusville Vice Mayor Robert Jordan, Marcia Gaedcke, and Titusville Mayor Dan Diesel attend the 2022 Ride-it-Down Bike Event in Downtown Titusville.

The Entertainment District is the Playhouse’s multi-property acquisition in Downtown Titusville’s historic district that includes the Shuler Auction House, Hill’s Grocery & Lunch Store, and the former Hill Hotel Apartments. Their goal is to build a state-of-the-art complex with a target capacity of 450 seats, that can host both theatrical and non-theatrical events. The new facilities will increase the Playhouse’s footprint from a quarter acre — the current Emma Parrish Theater — to over 2.5 acres of entertainment venues.

“Marcia is an asset to our community and many times an unsung hero. I am so excited to be able to bring her and her knowledge to the team,” stated Heron.

About her enthusiasm and passion for the community, Gaedcke commented: “The thing that will remain constant is my admiration and respect for everyone that has a hand in running a business or contributing to the economic prosperity of this community... and my gratitude for your friendship and confidence as we have faced challenges and opportunities together over the last 24 years.”


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[Aerial Photo of Eastern Florida State College – Titusville Campus]

Next Level Education

EFSC-Titusville campus receives $1.2 million for new Aerospace Education Center.

Eastern Florida State College’s (EFSC) Titusville campus has received $1.2 million in funding from the Florida Legislature for the development of an Aerospace Center of Excellence (ACE) as part of a $20.9 million overall education package received by the institution this year. The goal of the new ACE facility is to play a leading role in providing highly skilled employees to aerospace firms, defense contractors, and other technology companies along Florida’s Space Coast.

This new facility in Titusville will allow for EFSC’s current Aerospace Technology program to double in size and be ideally situated adjacent to Kennedy Space Center, though its core program will remain centered at the college’s Cocoa campus. This is expected to provide a much-needed training ground to the bevy of new commercial space companies located near Titusville and looking for an expanded workforce.

“This is a significant step forward for our students and community that will provide excellent careers and spur local economic growth,” said EFSC President Dr. Jim Richey.

[Photo of three students and a teacher looking at a model of the space shuttle.]

“The timing is perfect because high-tech firms are increasingly looking to EFSC to increase their ranks, with the rapidly growing commercial space companies at Kennedy Space Center a prime example.”

The ACE facility will be located in a former gymnasium building which the college says has been underutilized for some time. It will feature four specialized labs focusing on electronics, metal fabrication, and fluids and composite materials.

“ACE is just what North Brevard companies are looking for because it can also draw students from nearby Orlando and Volusia County. That can vastly expand their talent pool,” said Richey.

EFSC Titusville’s Aerospace Center of Excellence is expected to open in 2023.

Eastern Florida State College offers more than 150 degree and certificate programs on four campuses across Brevard County and through Eastern Florida Online. Visit easternflorida.edu to learn more.

[Eastern Florida State College logo]


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[Photo of a new warehouse and office building.]

Something to Bragg About

Titusville has borne witness to several years of construction, population, and industry growth, and the proof is in the pudding!  One of the largest integrated service crane companies in the United States, Bragg Companies Inc., has just celebrated the opening of its new branch office and warehouse off of Chaffee Drive in Titusville’s Spaceport Commerce Park.

The family-owned business has grown massively in its 75 years of operation. Based out of Long Beach, California, Bragg employs over 800 people and has grown from owning one crane in 1946 to running sixteen different offices in eight different states by 2022. The new office and warehouse on Chaffee Drive will serve as the company’s Florida Headquarters and is the company’s first location on the east coast.

Despite being one of the biggest crane, heavy construction, equipment, and transportation companies in the country, the company has a big focus on community and family. Originally started by Jim Bragg, the company is now run by his grandson Scott, and the family-owned mindset is one of the defining traits of their operations.

“As an employee, you are treated like a family member,” says Teena Adam, branch manager of the new Titusville office. “It’s one of the things I love most about the company.”

The company began work in Brevard in 2015, working with aerospace companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin before deciding to permanently open an office on the Space Coast. The move to Titusville is indicative of the massive growth of the area, especially as it pertains to aerospace. The new 14,080-square-foot building, designed by Tsark Architecture and Infrastructure Solution Services, is also in the the perfect location to service the region’s amusement park industry.

“We do work with almost all of the aerospace companies here,” said M. Scott Bragg, President and CEO of Bragg Companies, Inc. “There’s a lot of new faces out here, and we have experience working with them on the west coast too.”

With so much construction going on, companies like Bragg, and specialized workers such as crane operators are in high demand.

[Photo of a group of people cutting a ribbon in front of a building.] Caption: Titusville Mayor Dan Diesel and Vice Mayor Robert Jordan, join members of Bragg Companies and others at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 1, 2022.

“We’ve grown to over 800 people, and with craft folks, we can get up to 2,500 [workers] on a project,” says Bragg. “There’s definitely a lot of ‘Thank Yous’ to go around for a lot of different people.”

The new Titusville office officially opened on June 1, 2022, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that showcased over 6,000 square feet of office space and 8,000 square feet of warehouse capacity.

“I’m honored that you’re here,” said Titusville Mayor Dan Diesel at the ribbon-cutting event. “I can tell by talking to you that you don’t want to just be here, you want to be a part of here... You’re impact players, and I’m glad to have you on our team.”

“To have such diverse industries coming to Titusville shows that we’re growing,” said Titusville Vice Mayor Robert Jordan.

The event concluded with high hopes for the future.

“We’re excited to be here,” said Adam. “And we’re gonna be here for a long time.”

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[Photo of a grand opening celebration in front of a new, space-age building.] Caption: Crowds gather for the official opening of Gateway – The Deep Space Launch Complex at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. (Photo: KSCVC)

Gateway to the Universe

New attraction featuring current and future space exploration opens at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. (June 15, 2022) — Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, a major world tourism destination located right in Titusville’s backyard, has opened its newest attraction, an immersive space exploration experience named Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex.

The new attraction focuses on the present and future of collaborative space exploration including commercial space companies. Guests who visit Gateway will experience the interstellar travel of tomorrow while celebrating everything happening right now within the space program. It features a showcase of NASA and commercial spacecraft hardware, such as a space-flown Falcon 9 first-stage rocket from SpaceX, a flown Orion test capsule, a flown SpaceX Dragon capsule, and much more. In addition, Gateway will feature Spaceport KSC that includes immersive displays, as well as a “journey” through space, featuring a unique motion theater experience.

[Photo inside a new exhibit space, with people and interactive exhibits.] Caption: Inside the new 50,000 ft2 facility. (Photo: KSCVC)

“Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex is a bold new attraction where guests will personally experience NASA’s next giant leap and beyond highlighting all the excitement within the space industry,” said Therrin Protze, Chief Operating Officer, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. “Guests will see a peek at the future of space travel with Spaceport KSC, an immersive experience with multiple journeys the guest can select to travel and learn through a thrilling simulated space flight.”

The new 50,000-square-foot, multi-level facility is situated directly north of the famed Rocket Garden and is constructed with iridescent panels of bright turquoise that will alternate with shades of purple depending on the sunlight, replicating the constant motion and brilliant colors of the universe.

Among the exhibits, displays, and simulators, there is also an all-new restaurant inside named Space Bowl Bistro. On the menu: acai bowls and choose-your-protein savory bowls, with choices ranging from quinoa, rice, greens, and noodle bases to proteins – including barbecue short rib, marinated ahi tuna, jackfruit, and more.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is open year-round, seven days per week, opening at 9 a.m. and closing at 6 p.m. during the summer (closing time varies per season).


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The 100,000 Foot Perspective

Space tourism company will soon offer people the flight of a lifetime. If you’ve ever had the dream of going to space, but the thought of strapping yourself to a controlled explosion with enough energy to wipe out a small city had you feeling a little trepidatious, then worry no more. Space Perspective, a burgeoning space tourism company located at Titusville’s Space Coast Spaceport (Space Coast Regional Airport) is planning to offer the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience starting in 2024.

Founded in 2019 by husband-and-wife team Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, the company seeks to open up the possibility of exploring space to a wider audience than has historically been possible, allowing people to experience the life-changing views that, until now, have only been available to astronauts of NASA and other countries’ space programs. They plan to accomplish this lofty goal by sending travelers to 100,000 ft (30,000 m) above the Earth aboard their ground-breaking pressurized Spaceship Neptune. Referred to as a radically gentle voyage to the stars, this craft is propelled not by rockets, but by a state-of-theart space balloon the size of a football stadium.

Ready for Liftoff

The roughly six-hour flight will begin with guests leisurely ascending from a launch pad near Titusville aboard Spaceship Neptune. Once at peak altitude, the guests aboard the spacecraft will soar above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere in an awe-inspiring, two-hour tour of our planet’s biosphere, while comfortably nestled in reclining seats and soaking in the 450-mile, 360-degree view through myriad large windows. During this time, guests will also be able to avail themselves of an open call on champagne, and, yes, a bathroom. The price tag for such an amazing adventure: $125,000 per person, with a capacity for up to eight guests per flight.

Each Space Perspective capsule will be accompanied by a captain, as well as a pilot on the ground, and will provide myriad opportunities for group or solo experiences in space. Possibilities for extraordinary events are limitless: couples can choose to get hitched with a small circle of family, introducing a whole new dimension to nuptials; others may relish the opportunity to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary; businesses can even choose to take the company get together to new heights to celebrate milestones. Space Perspective is also currently developing an end-to-end, tailor-made journey to ensure every moment of every trip is special, personalized, and comfortable for its guests.

It’s Not Just Fun And Games

Space Perspective also plans to be the first-of-its-kind space laboratory, able to repeatedly test and capture data from a part of Earth’s atmosphere that, to date, has been researched very little; paving the way for more scientific and creative breakthroughs in the future. Eager to act as change agents and propel research in climate and atmospheric science, astrophysics, and solar physics — Spaceship Neptune will enable explorers to participate in research as part of their own flight experience.

[Rendering inside a spacecraft, showing chairs, pillows and a table.] Caption: Rendering of the inside of the Spaceship Neptune craft.

About the Founders

Poynter and MacCallum are not new to this sort of thing. They have been responsible for some of the most remarkable space innovation and exploration breakthroughs in the last 20 years. However, their taste for exploration, adventure, and scientific research goes back even further.

Jayne Poynter — Founder, Co-CEO, and Chief Experience Officer for Space Perspective — was born in Surrey, England, and grew up on the country’s southern shores. From an early age, she felt driven to explore, learn and discover, and says her deep fascination with space sprouted from reading Isaac Asimov and other science fiction authors as a kid. She was also influenced by her father’s entrepreneurial spirit, and her curiosity was fueled by the inspirational trans-Atlantic journey of Clare Frances, as well as the courage and pragmatism of Jane Goodall.   A natural sailor and expert diver, Jane traveled the world, ultimately leading her to the United States.

Taber MacCallum — Founder, Co-CEO, and Chief Technology Officer for Space Perspective — was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to an Australian psychiatrist mother and an American astrophysicist father.

A world traveler and adventurer, MacCallum has made his way across Western Europe, through the (former) Soviet Union, China, to the far east. It was during these travels that he found himself on an ocean-

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Page 9                   Talking Points / July 2022

The 100,000 Foot Perspective


going research vessel, where he met Poynter and they soon became close friends.

They were founding crew members of Biosphere 2, an artificial, enclosed ecosystem designed to mirror Earth’s biosphere to test the viability of maintaining human life in outer space. Both Poynter and MacCallum lived and worked in the habitat with a team of doctors and scientists from September 26, 1991, to September 26, 1993.

They are also the Founders of Paragon Space Development Corporation: The Human Life Support Systems Company which perfected technologies seen on most human spacecraft including the International Space Station. The duo also acted as technical advisors to Elon Musk on human spaceflight before SpaceX was a reality.

They led team StratEx (Stratospheric Exploration) that invented a self-contained spacesuit and recovery program to allow human exploration of the stratosphere at 100,000 ft and saw Alan Eustace, a senior Google engineer, set the world record for human spaceflight propelled by a SpaceBalloonTM at 136,000 ft — breaking previous world records in 2014.

It is a record that remains unchallenged today. Most recently, the couple was behind the Silicon Valley-backed stratosphere balloon technology company World View Enterprises with its revolutionary un-crewed Stratollite for communications and remote sensing.

Into the Sky

As noted before, flights with Space Perspective are priced at $125,000 per person, a hefty price tag until you realize traditional flights to space via rockets typically cost as much as $50 million per seat. With the first launches scheduled to depart from our backyard within the next two years, the company hopes to extend its operations worldwide. For more information on Space Perspective, future flight opportunities, or employment opportunities, go to SpacePerspective.com.

[Large rendering of spacecraft above Earth, with people on board looking out the windows.] Caption: Rendering of Space Perspective’s craft, Spaceship Neptune, floating above the Earth with passengers aboard.


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[Photo of a group of people cutting a ribbon under a tent that reads “Real Estate on a Mission.”]

Mission Accomplished

Rocket City Real Estate Opens New Office as Business Expands.

Three years may not seem like long enough to warrant celebrating – but that’s exactly what Rocket City Commercial real estate is doing after a ribbon cutting on their new office on South Washington Avenue. Co-Founders Holly Carver and Lisa Earnhardt met in 2016, and a few years later, decided to launch Rocket City Commercial in 2019. They made it their mission to be laser-focused on identifying blighted and challenging properties, to help revitalize them through commercial transactions.

“Our mission statement is ‘Real Estate on a Mission. Changing Lives.’ because we know that with every transaction there are lives changed – whether it is a small business entrepreneur or a large company expanding or relocating to Titusville,” says Carver. “It’s about people… our neighbors. We both live in Titusville, and we take our mission seriously to #fighttheblight.” Rocket City Commercial handles all aspects of commercial real estate services, including vacant land, office, retail, medical, industrial, multi-family and relocation services.

The company has handled several significant transactions that resulted in the redevelopment of long-time shuttered properties in Titusville. One such company is GenH2, which purchased a 10-acre industrial campus previously owned by Eckler Distribution, and relocated its global headquarters to Titusville. Another example is Pharmco Laboratories, which needed to expand and was considering a move to Volusia County. Rocket City Commercial was able to help facilitate the transfer of a large facility in the Space Port Commerce Park, retaining their existing employee base and adding several new jobs with the expansion.

[Photo of a group of women smiling.] Caption — Left to Right: Members of the Rocket City Real Estate staff include Winnie Brewer, Megan Wright, Lisa Earnhardt, Patrice Holley, Haley Thomas, and Holly Carver. (Photo: Rocket City Commercial/Facebook)

Rocket City took over the leasing for the Dairyland Commons Plaza on North Singleton Avenue which was mostly vacant for decades. One of the last tenants to move out was “Movie Gallery”, a DVD/VHS tape store. The plaza is now 99% leased and thriving with a medical clinic, Rearview Coffee breakfast and lunch café, and Kalon Dance Studio. They also facilitated the sale of 1528 Harrison St, a long-time blighted and struggling Winn Dixie-anchored plaza. The new owners are currently making major improvements, beautifying the property, and leasing spaces that have been vacant for decades.

[Photo of a woman surrounded by cows: “Closing Deals ‘til the cows come home.”]

In early 2021, Rocket City Commercial partnered with eXp Commercial as the first commercial broker in Florida. eXp Commercial and eXp Realty have over 80,000 agents globally, and offer management services, training, health care benefits, stock options, and state-of-the-art software. Since the partnership, business for Rocket City Commercial has increased by 150%, and Lisa and Holly have been asked to speak about their hard work and success at multiple national events.

While the national median of annual transactions for a licensed residential real estate agent is 10 per year, and the median number of commercial agents is 4 per year, Rocket City has closed more than 145 commercial transactions, averaging at 49 per year.

After outgrowing their original office, Rocket City moved operations down to 5095 S Washington Avenue. The Titusville Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 19, 2022, to help celebrate their third year of business and the opening of their two new branch offices (eXp Commercial: Branch Manager Holly Carver, and eXp Realty: Branch Manager Patrice Holley). The company now employs

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Mission Accomplished


12 people, with an ever-growing group of residential and resi-mercial agents who also share the group’s passion. They also offer in-depth mentoring and leads for new agents, as well as support services for more experienced agents.

What’s next for Rocket City? As always, their ongoing goals are:

  1. Continue to identify challenged/blighted properties and help to transform them into thriving destinations that provide neighborhood services, jobs, and quality of life for the greater Titusville area.
  2. Continue outreach to bring relevant industry and meaningful real estate development to the Space Coast, leveraging jobs and housing for the community.
  3. Continue to grow commercial and residential teams with quality, like-minded real estate professionals who are driven to succeed and motivated by Real Estate on a Mission: Changing Lives.

“With Rocket City Commercial, the sky is NOT the limit!” said Mayor Dan Diesel at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

[Photo of two women, with Rocket City logo and text “Real Estate on a Mission: Changing Lives.”]

Recent Missions:

  • 1817 S Washington Ave. – New restaurant coming to the site of the former Howard Johnson’s.
  • 1391 N Washington Ave. – coffee shop moving into formerly vacant property.
  • 5155 S Washington Ave. – Crescent Coffee moving into old vacant gas station.
  • 2335 S Washington Ave – new medical facility moving into the old iHop building.
  • 405 Garden St. – coffee shop moving into vacant gas station.
  • 1528 Harrison St. – complete redevelopment and renewal of vacant and damaged Winn Dixie Plaza.
  • 5120 S Washington Ave. – global headquarters for GenH2moving into the long-vacant Eckler 10-acre campus with blighted warehouse buildings.
  • 1455 Buffalo Rd. – decommissioned and blighted laundry facility being redeveloped for manufacturing.
  • 3350 S Washington Ave. – Vine & Olive redeveloping vacant restaurant building.
  • 1527 N Singleton Ave. – mostly vacant Winn Dixie plaza now 99% leased.

Historic Preservation Board Receives State Grant.

The City/HPB was awarded a State of Florida Dept. of Historical Resources Small Matching Grant of $40,000 to have Architectural Design Guidelines created to assist property owners of historic buildings and potentially historic buildings in the renovation of historic buildings and to assist the HPB in design review of alterations to buildings on the City and National Historic Registers.

The HPB submitted an application for an FY2024 Florida Dept. of Historical Resources Small Matching Grant of $50,000 for a project called “Joynerville & Beyond: Memorializing & Celebrating Titusville’s African American History. The grant award will fund research to document the history, events, and landmarks past and present within the City’s historic African American community. Deliverables will include a report, narratives for interpretive signage and markers, branding, recording of oral histories, a community timeline, mapping of historic sites, and the uploading of information onto the City’s web page and the “Explore Historic Titusville” web page and mobile app.

Titusville Community Service Award 2022 Recipient

[Photo of four people holding an award certificate.]

Congratulations to Tracy & Curtis Wright, who won the 2022 Titusville Community Service Award for their continuing service to the Titusville Community and their efforts to promote harmony within our community!

The Titusville Community Service Award was established in 1987 in honor of Reverend Harry R. Lee for his work in bringing unity within our community through his service. Reverend Lee served the community in many different capacities. He was the City Chaplain, City Employee Assistance Advisor, Chaplain of Sertoma Club, and Chaplain of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce. By his spirit, words, and actions he personified the concept of unity and the spirit of service in the community.


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[Photo of people in HAZMAT gear hosing off a person in similar gear. With Sustainable Workplace Alliance (SWA) logo.]

Operation Career Launch

Job Placement Assistance is available to Brevard County residents after completion of this FREE training program.  Over the course of 3.5 weeks, you will be provided with valuable training and certifications to help you gain access to the Space Coast’s job market.

Additionally, you will receive assistance on updating your resume and interview tips.  Upon graduation, job placement assistance will continue to be provided.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to launch your career in the environmental fields!

The following topics and certifications will be taught during this training:

  • HAZWOPER 40 hour Site Worker
  • Powered Industrial Truck (forklift)
  • FDOT Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control Certification
  • OSHA Certification – 10 hour Construction
  • HAZMAT Labeling
  • OSHA Disaster Site Worker (#7600)
  • First Aid / CPR / Bloodborne Pathogens
  • How to Succeed at a Job Interview
  • Water and Soil Sampling
  • Life Skills and Goal Setting
  • Introduction to Environmental Justice
  • Job Search Strategies and Resume Building

To begin application, scan the QR code below OR visit http://sustainablewp.org/ocl

[QR Code linking to https://thesustainableworkplacealliance.formstack.com/forms/ecwtp_application]

Program runs from July 18, 2022 through August 10, 2022

Recruitment starts NOW

Your tuition is 100% paid by federal grants but space is limited, call Kim at (863) 438-1467 or email kkelley@sustainablewp.org to get more information.

Classes will be held Mon. through Fri. 7:45am to 4:30pm at ACT Environmental, 1855 Shepard Drive, Titusville.

Attendance at the information session and interview is required!  We have three times available: July 5th at 10:00am or 5:45pm, and July 6th at 10:00am.  Harry T. Moore Social Services Center, 725 S. Deleon Ave. Titusville, FL  32780.

[NIH-NIEHS logo] Funding for this project provided by the National Institute of Environmental Health and Science.


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Protecting the Indian River Lagoon

Did you know that June 1 through September 30 is the fertilizer blackout period? Summer in Florida means frequent storms and heavy rain events. To keep the Indian River Lagoon free of nutrient pollution caused by pesticides, fertilizers, pet wastes, and other sources, it’s important we all work together to keep our waterways clean. The City of Titusville is trying to combat nutrient pollution in stormwater runoff by encouraging the use of Low Impact Development (LID) in the design of sites and subdivisions to better protect water quality and reduce flooding risks. There are currently 18 sites around the city disguised to make them more visually appealing, such as Chain of Lakes, Sand Point Park, Draa Field, and even various streets throughout town. The detention pond at Draa Field captures 394.41 lbs. of nitrogen and 38.4 lbs. of phosphorous annually. Floating Wetlands help capture the nutrients and our Public Works Department keeps the vegetation maintained so the nutrients aren’t released back into the pond. More information can be found by checking out the “How Are We Protecting the Lagoon” Story Map on the City’s Website.

[Photo of retention pond near a river.] Caption: Floating wetlands were installed in 2021 and remove 54 lbs of Nitrogen and 7 lbs of Phosphorous every year.

[Photo of trees surrounding a small lake.] Caption: Vern Jansen Park: Plants along areas of shallow water remove 189 lbs of Nitrogen and 90 lbs of Phosphorous every year.

[Photo of a small lake with plants on the water.] Caption: Royal Oak Drive: Every year plants remove 79 lbs of Nitrogen and 19 lbs of Phosphorous since 2016.

Low Impact Development

One great example of a LID would be rain gardens. A rain garden is a small retention basin that is integrated into a site’s landscaping. Rain gardens slow down the rush of water from impervious surfaces. They can also hold the water for a short period of time, and allow it to naturally infiltrate into the ground or evaporate while simultaneously highlighting the beauty of Florida-friendly plants and landscaping.

The City of Titusville Community Development Department is happy to assist site plan applicants to determine the right LID practice for their site.

[Photo of a landscaping feature with water and trees.] Caption: An example of a rain garden that captures nutrients and pollutants in urban stormwater runoff.


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What are these Charges? Understanding Your Water Bill

Every month you receive a bill from the City of Titusville. Most people call this their “water” bill. But take a look at the top of the bill, it is marked “Invoice for Utility Services.”  Why? Because this bill can include charges for a variety of services, not just water. Your bill may include charges for: sewer service (usage and fixed charges), fire hydrants, garbage (refuse) service, reclaimed water service, and recycling  service.  In addition, it has franchise fees for both recycling and garbage services and a public service tax. This article will address those charges related to water and sewer service.

The fixed monthly charges for both water and sewer stay the same from month to month and are billed whether or not the service is used. These charges reflect the costs the City incurs for maintaining existing infrastructure and repaying debt to build that infrastructure. Costs to provide water and sewer services include billing, debt service, water supply, meter reading, pipeline replacement, and system maintenance.

Usage charges are the charges you pay based upon the amount of water you used that month. Titusville does not meter the sewage your property produces, so both water and sewer usage charges are based on the amount of water used. Usage charges cover the variable costs of providing water and sewer service, such as the cost of chemicals. More chemicals are used if more water is treated. These chemicals make your water safe to drink and clean your wastewater to make it environmentally safe.  The electricity needed to operate both water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as collection facilities, is another variable cost Titusville incurs in order to provide water and sewer services.

People often wonder why it appears as if their water consumption does not change from month to month. The reason for this is that Titusville does not charge you per gallon of water you use.  Instead, it bills you based upon how many thousands of gallons of water you use each month. Usage is rounded down to the lower thousand. For example, if you used 3,995 gallons of water, you would only be billed for 3,000 gallons. If your neighbor used 3,005 gallons of water, he would also be billed for 3,000 gallons.  So, although you used 990 gallons more than your neighbor, both of you would show the same consumption on your bill.  Since consumption is rounded down, sometimes a small increase in usage can bump you up to the next thousand-gallon level and make you wonder how you could have used an extra thousand gallons of water. For example, your utility (water) bill may normally show a consumption of 3; that “3” stands for three thousand gallons. If you normally used 3,995 gallons of water, and the next month you did just one additional load of laundry, it could bump your consumption to 4. For example, an Energy Star washer uses about 15 gallons per load (some machines use more). Adding that 15 gallons to your usual 3,995 usage would make your actual usage for the month 4,010 gallons. Your next bill will show a consumption of 4, meaning you are billed for 4,000 gallons. What appears to be a 1,000-gallon jump in consumption, actually is not. It just means you used enough more to bump you to the next thousand.

The fire hydrant charge is a fixed fee applied to water customers outside the city limits. This fee is used to pay the costs of providing outside city hydrants including installation, repair and maintenance, and water costs.

Reclaimed water customers are charged a flat fee for reclaimed water service depending upon their customer classification and ERC (service/meter size). Reclaimed service does not have a consumption charge. A detached single-family home is charged a monthly eight dollar maintenance and replacement fee per ERC.   If you are not connected to Titusville’s sanitary sewer system, in addition to the maintenance fee, you also pay a user charge of nine dollars per month. This additional fee is charged because reclaimed water is treated sewage effluent.

The public service tax that appears on your bill is a 10 percent tax applied only to water charges. This tax is also levied on five other utility services: electric, fuel oil/kerosene, LP gas, manufactured gas, and natural gas. If you add your water fixed monthly charge and your water usage charge together and multiply by .1, you will get the amount you are charged for this tax.

Now that you know more about the charges on your water bill, you should look for ways to reduce your water usage. Visit our Water Conservation pages at www.titusville.com for tips on saving water and using water efficiently. Remember, reducing your water use not only saves water, but also saves you money.  Visit our Utility Bill Basics pages at www.titusville.com to learn more about your utility services bill.

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Hurricane Preparedness

Florida’s hurricane season begins June 1 and runs through November 30.  It is important to plan ahead so you are safe in an emergency.   Prepare now for the risks associated with stormy weather and be prepared to act on that plan when alerted by emergency officials.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare in the event of a storm:

  • A disaster supply kit (first aid kit, water, canned food supply, etc.)
  • Brin in anything that can be picked up by the wind (bicycles, lawn ornaments, patio furniture, etc.)
  • Close windows, doors, and hurricane shutters
  • Fill you vehicle’s gas tank and any gas cans you may have
  • Obey evacuation orders
  • Pet owners should have plans to care for their animals

Visit Titusville.com/BePrepared for more information.

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Titusville Police Department

[Titusville Police logo.]

Promoting Teamwork within our community – 1100 John Glenn Blvd., Titusville, FL  32780 — PH 321-264-7800

Department Earns Prestigious FBI Award

[Photo of a woman receiving a plaque from two men.]

The Titusville Police Department was awarded the Tom Stone LEEDA Award of Excellence, accepted by Training Coordinator Christina Schmidt at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA) Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Christina Schmidt accepted this honor on behalf of the department, which recognizes outstanding achievement in promoting the science and art of law enforcement management, promoting the exchange of information between police executives, expansion of police leadership training, and the growth of the FBI-LEEDA organization; because of her dedication and above and beyond work ethic during her more than five years in this role.

Titusville began hosting FBI-LEEDA classes in 2011 and has hosted over 500 students. Schmidt coordinates these training events, injecting hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy and affording state-of-the-art cost-free training to sworn and non-sworn staff at the department, providing the city a cost savings of approximately $30,000 per year.

The award, presented by FBI-LEEDA President Joe Wellington, Director Emeritus, to the Titusville Police Department, is on permanent display at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Titusville 911 Dispatcher Named Brevard County Telecommunicator of the Year

[Photo of Police Officer and a woman with an award.]

Congratulations to Titusville Police Department Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) Rebecca Hydorn for being chosen as the Brevard County PST of the year.

PST Hydorn was recently presented with the honor by the Brevard County Association of Chiefs of Police at their monthly meeting in Cocoa, Florida.

PST Hydorn has been dispatching 911 emergency calls for service for the Titusville Police Department and Titusville Fire Department for over six years.

She was the recipient of this award because of her dedication to serving the community as an outstanding telecommunicator, serving as a role model to her colleagues as a Communications Trainer, and her high-level performance during life and death emergency calls. Hydorn’s calm composure, clearly composed direction, and utmost professionalism made, her an obvious standout and well-deserving of the honor.

“Our department is truly grateful for Rebecca’s impressive work ethic and our citizens are in the absolute best hands when she answers the call,” said Titusville Deputy Chief of Police Todd Hutchinson.

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[Titusville Fire Department logo.]

Titusville Fire Department

550 S. Washington Ave. — Titusville, FL  32796 — 321.567.3800

Kids in Hot Cars

The summer months are upon us and so is the heat! Since 1998 more than 900 children have died from vehicular heatstroke.  These unfortunate deaths are preventable and you can educate yourself and those who are caregivers for your child(ren) by taking the National Safety Council FREE online course. Complete and share this training now at https://carseateducation.org/register/csb-gen-public. It is also available in Spanish. You will be required to create an account. Use this referral code: CSBGen.  A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the training.

Three primary circumstances resulting in the deaths of children in hot cars are:

  • A caregiver forgetting a child in a vehicle
  • The child gaining access to the vehicle
  • Someone knowingly leaving a child in the vehicle

NSC advises parents and caregivers to stick to a routine and avoid distractions to reduce the risk of forgetting a child. Place a purse, briefcase, or even a left shoe in the back seat to force you to take one last look before walking away. Keep car doors Kids in Hot Cars locked so children cannot gain access, and teach them that cars are not play areas. There is no safe amount of time to leave a child in a vehicle, even if you are just running a quick errand.

Titusville Fire has two full-time Certified Child Passenger Seat Technicians that are available to help you with your car seat needs. For more information on our program call Kerri Lubeski, Life Safety Specialist at 321-567-3804.

Need Help with Your Child Seat?

[Cartoon of a woman unsure of an answer, with car seats.] Caption: I have a car seat! I would like a free inspection; I need help installing it; Transitioning from rear-facing to forward-facing seat, I need help!

[Cartoon showing Medicaid card, a house, and a car seat.] Caption: I need a car seat! I have Medicaid, WIC, or SNAP benefits; I live in the City of Titusville; I can make a donation of $20.00 for the seat.

  • If the child cannot be at the appointment, have the current age, weight and height of the child.
  • If you own your own seat, you must bring the vehicle and child passenger seat manual for reference, if possible.
  • Reduced Cost Child Passenger Seats require a cash donation upon installation ad proof of enrollment in WIC, Medicaid or Department of Children and Families’ Florida Access Benefits.

[Cartoon woman giving thumbs up].

Kerri Lubeski, 321-567-3804 or kerri.lubeski@Titusville.com

[TFD logo]

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PieZano Pizzeria

[Aerial photo of new restaurant storefront, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] PieZano Pizzeria is now open for business at 2400 South Hopkins Ave.


[Photo of new warehouse building, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Construction is complete for the new Bragg Companies, Inc. office and warehouse building on Chaffee Drive.

Rocket City Real Estate

[Photo of a group of people in front of a building with a ribbon, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Rocket City Real Estate is now open for business in their new location at 5095 S Washington Avenue.

Health First Advent Health Centra Care

[Photo of a group of people in front of a building cutting a ribbon, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Construction is complete on a new 5,285-square-foot Advent Health medical office located across from Titus Landing along US 1.

Canopy Living ALF

[Aerial photo of a new building among trees, with “Completed” stamp superimposed.] Construction is complete for a 49,913-square-foot assisted living facility located at 2805 Cheney Highway.

Launch Credit Union

[Aerial photo of a new bank building, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Construction is complete on a 3,796-square-foot credit union located along South Singleton Avenue, near Walgreen’s off of Garden Street. The Grand Opening is July 8, 2022.

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Vine & Olive

[Photo of a new restaurant, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Vine & Olive is open for business at 3350 S. Washington Ave.

[Photo of a large rocket on a launch pad at night, with the moon in the sky above.] Caption: A full Moon is in view from Launch Complex 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 14, 2022. The Artemis I Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion spacecraft, atop the mobile launcher, were being prepared for a wet dress rehearsal to practice timelines and procedures for launch. The first in an increasingly complex series of missions, Artemis I will test SLS and Orion as an integrated system prior to crewed flights to the Moon. Through Artemis, NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the lunar surface, paving the way for a long-term lunar presence and using the Moon as a stepping stone on the way to Mars. (Photo: NASA/Cory Huston)

Important City Numbers

Building Department


Business Tax Receipts (Occupational Licenses)


City Clerk


City Hall Main Number


City Hall FAX Number


City Manager’s Office


Code Enforcement


Community Advocate


Customer Service (Utility Billing)


Economic Development


Fire Department (Non-Emergency)


Fire Public Education


Human Resources




Neighborhood Services


Municipal Marina




Planning Department


Police (Non-Emergency)


Police / Fire Rescue (Emergency)


Solid Waste




Stormwater (After Hours Emergency)


Streets Maintenance


Water Field Operations (Water Main Break)


Water Main Break (After Hours Emergency)


Water Resources Conservation Program


LED Sign Information



Important Community Numbers

Brevard County Auto Tags


Chamber of Commerce


Department of Motor Vehicles


Florida Power and Light


City Gas Co of Florida


Social Security Office


Canaveral National Seashore


Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge



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[Back Cover – Photo of Earth from space.] Caption: Photo of Earth taken from approximately 100,000 ft up during a test flflight of Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune. (Photo: Space Perspective)

City of Titusville, 555 South Washington Avenue, 321-567-3775.; Titusville.com; Hashtag Launch from Here.