Newly Approved Ordinances

Requesting Copies

To request or obtain a copy of a newly approved ordinance pending codification into the City’s Code of Ordinance Volumes I or II, contact or visit the City Clerk’s Office at Phone 321-567-3686. 

Ordinances Pending Codification & Incorporation

The following newly approved ordinances are pending codification or incorporation into the City of Titusville’s Code of Ordinances Volumes I and II. This list is updated as City Council adopts new ordinances, yet are pending codification (incorporation) into Code Volumes I and II.

A. Ordinance No. 18-2021 - Relating to Review of Lot Splits and Flag Lot Approvals - Amending the Land Development Regulations to delete provisions related to lot splits and amend provisions related to flag lots by amending Chapter 30 “Development Standards” specifically amending Sections 30-140 “Flag lots” and 30-237 “Public streets and private roads in subdivisions”, Chapter 34 “Procedures”, specifically renaming Article III “Subdivisions” Division 2 “Lot Split”, renaming and amending Section 34-113 “Lot split qualifications”, deleting Sections 34-111 “Intent”, 34-112 “Application” and 34-114 “Approval”, amending Chapter 34 “Procedures” by amending Sections 34-126 “Intent”, 34-143 “Small-scale plat qualifications”, and 34- 214 “Application classifications and review schedules”, amending Chapter 37 “Definitions” by amending Section 37-1 “Definitions” and amending “Development Review Procedures Technical Manual” by deleting Section 8 “Lot Split”, providing for severability, repeal of conflicting ordinances, effective date and incorporation into the code. (On August 10, 2021, City Council approved Ordinance No. 18-2021, as recommended by staff).

B. Ordinance No. 19-2021 Relating to Floodplain Regulations - Amending floodplain management standards to be consistent with Federal Emergency Management Requirements by amending Chapter 30 “Development Standards”, specifically amending Sections 30-92 “Applicability”, “(c), Basis For Establishing Flood Hazard Areas”, 30-100 “Definitions”, and 30-104 “Manufactured Homes”, “(d), Elevation”, provide for severability, repeal of conflicting ordinance, effective date and incorporation into the code(On August 10, 2021, City Council approved Ordinance No. 19-2021, as recommended by staff).

C. Ordinance No. 21-2021 - Community Gardens - Amending the Code of Ordinances to allow community gardens as a permitted use in the Public (P) zoning district and a limited use in Neighborhood Commercial (NC), General Use (GU), Downtown Mixed Use (DMU) and Regional Mixed Use (RMU) zoning districts and to expand the limitation standards; by amending Chapter 28, “Zoning”, specifically amending Sections for severability; repeal of conflicting ordinances; incorporation into the code; and an effective date. (On August 24 2021, City Council approved Ordinance No. 21-2021 with an amendment to remove the screening requirements, as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission).

D. Ordinance No. 20-2021 - Tree Protection - Amending the Land Development Regulations to provide for standards of tree protection including the designation of protected trees, creation of total canopy and preserved canopy requirements, standards for removal of heritage trees, establishment of incentives to preserve trees and reduce mitigation, and amending critical root zone, tree survey and buffer yard requirements, by amending Chapter 30 “Development Standards” specifically amending Sections 30-31 “Intent”, 30-32 “Criteria for removal”, 30-33 “Relocation or replacement of trees” 30-34 “Mitigation plan”, 30-35 “Exceptions”, 30-39 “Tree removal, permit required”, 30-40 “Tree survey required before permit” 30-324 “Landscape”, 30-334 “Reduction in required landscape yards”, and 30-338 “Natural buffer yards”, and creating new Section 30-31.5 “Canopy requirements”; providing for grandfather provision, severability, repeal of conflicting ordinances, effective date and incorporation into the code. (On September 28, 2021, City Council approved Ordinance No. 20-2021, as specified in the motion and vote by the City Council. Ordinance awaiting signature as of September 29, 2021)


The next regular City Council meeting and public hearings for any proposed ordinances is scheduled on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 6:30 P.M., Titusville City Hall, Council Chamber, 555 S. Washington Avenue, Titusville, FL 32796. 

This page was last updated on October 26, 2021.