Recent Changes to Titusville Technical Manual

View our list of new updates to the City of Titusville’s Technical Manuals that are pending codification. To request or obtain a copy of a newly amended technical manual(s) (new updates), contact or visit the City Clerk’s Office.

A. Development Review Procedures Manual

This manual was amended via the City Council’s adoption of Resolution No. 02-2020 on January 28, 2020, to which amends ...The technical manuals and specifications in support of the land development regulations, by amending development review procedures manual relating to wetland surveys, by amending sections 4 Comprehensive Plan Amendment, 5 Rezonings and Text Amendment, 6 Master Plans, 7 Conditional Use Permits, 11 Sketch Plat, 12 Preliminary Plat, 14 Site Plans and 16 Development Agreements; and Providing for an Effective Date (Resolution Number 2-2020).