Completed Lean Projects

ProjectDepartmentDescriptionResultsCity Cost Savings
CodificationCity ClerkCodification: Created standard procedures for new or revised ordinances; provided current electronic code resource.1 Central Electronic Source; 61 Codebooks Eliminated; tracking system implemented for existing Code books.N/A
Building PermitCommunity DevelopmentBuilding permit application process improvement.N/A
Site Plan CloseoutCommunity DevelopmentConstruction closeout: Reduced steps for customers to close out projects.Reduced documents from 7 to 1, payments from 6 to 1 and processing from 7 to 3 days.N/A
Street Naming and AddressingCommunity DevelopmentRevise the City’s street naming and addressing standards to be consistent with the United States Postal Service (USPS).Eliminated wasted time from 23 hours to 0.23 hours to 0
Fire Vehicle MaintenanceFireFire vehicle maintenance and repair: Reduced time to completion.Reduced maintenance from 400 to 200 hours, savings of $9,000 annually.N/A
Electronic RecordsFireElectronic records: Reducing need for paper records.Implemented digital records.N/A
Field Report SubmissionPoliceField report submission: Improved quality of reporting to State Attorney’s office.Improved prosecution rate.N/A
Parking CitationsPoliceParking citations and associated issues: Establishing procedures for collecting fines.Improved process by reducing paperwork and collection of fines time.N/A
Fleet UtilizationPublic WorksFleet Utilization Process.N/A
Fleet Purchase ProcessPublic WorksFleet purchase process: Streamlined process.Reduced purchasing errors 94%; one year savings of $5,009.N/A
Tracking Resident CallsPublic WorksTracking resident calls: Created centralized tracking to improve service.Improved service to residents.N/A
Citizen Emergency CallsPublic WorksCitizen emergency calls: Ensuring that calls are acted on in a timely manner.August 2015 to July 2016 Customer response time reduced 1,481.75 hours. Time reduction gained primarily from weekend call outs that typically wait until Monday.N/A
Solid Waste Dumpster UtilizationPublic WorksSolid Waste Dumpster Utilization Process.
NPDES Reporting ProcessPublic WorksReduce the amount of time the NPDES reporting process takes.Through a thorough review of all the processes involved in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) reporting process it was found that a simple updating of the tracking tools used throughout the year resulted in a decrease in the total process time from 8 weeks to less than one week.N/A
Payroll ProcessingSupport ServicesPayroll processing: Completed Direct Deposit and Employee Self-Serve.Reduced required paperwork, improved information to employees.N/A
Derelict Vessel RemovalSupport ServicesDerelict Vessel Removal: Create a process for derelict vessel removal to assist the county while following strict state statutes.Completed new process and will continue to make improvements as needed.N/A
Incident Review BoardSupport ServicesAccident Review Board: Reinstating Board and extending to all accidents.Improved oversight.N/A
Information ReleaseSupport ServicesCreation of Information Releases Process: Establishing uniform system for receiving information for media projects.Improved coverage of events in community.N/A
Utility TamperingSupport ServicesUtility tampering process: Improve process for reducing utility tampering and collections.Efficiencies saved over 216 (444) work hours and salary savings of $3,750 ($7,900); Utility tampering fees of over $15,000 ($36,000) collected, Ordinance 39-2015 allows for a lien against the property for non-payment.$7,900
Computer Service RequestsSupport ServicesComputer services requests process: Streamlining process.Improved completion of delivery and customer service.N/A
Drug Screening Process for FieldSupport ServicesUpdate the drug screening process for field workers.Completed and implemented.N/A
Community Service InformationSupport ServicesIncrease the interdepartmental communication, thus, increasing quality and time of information released to the public.Fully implemented.N/A
Talking PointsSupport ServicesInformation Retrieval and Organization for Titusville Talking Points.30 days reduced to 14 day for completion.30 to 14 days
Heat Illness PreventionAll: Summer InternsPrevent heat illness issuesFully implementedN/A
Utility Service RequestsWater ResourcesUtility service requests: Reduced steps required of customers.Reduced steps from 23 to 4.3 days.N/A
Lab Services External CustomerWater ResourcesLab Services external customer program: Establishing uniform procedures and charges.Implementation planned for 2017, so there are no savings or revenue changes to date.$6,000
Grease Interceptor processWater ResourcesEstablish a process for determination of grease interceptors

By presenting the brochure to business owners at the building department we have reduced the number of businesses opening without compliance to this standard.