Current Lean Projects

ProjectDepartmentDescriptionDefine, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) StatusGreen / Black BeltExpected Cost / Time Savings
Records Paper ReductionCity ClerkRecords: more digital, less paper: Reducing paper copies of contracts through digital records.AnalyzeBrenda EvansN/A
Notary Services for CitizensCity ClerkReduce legal and financial risk associated with the wide variety of varying instruments that citizens present to the City Clerk’s Office for notarization.DefineJolynn Donhoff
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application Process with Street ProjectsCommunity DevelopmentThe development and implementation of a formal CDBG Application Process with Street Projects through completion.DefineIbis BerardiN/A
Land Development RegulationsCommunity DevelopmentLand Development Code update: Bringing Code up to date.ControlBrad ParrishN/A
Shop DrawingCommunity DevelopmentShop drawing review: Streamlining process.ControlPreston Yates
Patient Refusal ProcessFireReduce WIP when a patient refuses treatment from Emergency Services.AnalyzeJohn HustolesN/A
Court Work ProcessPoliceTo decrease the number of emails between the State Attorneys Officer and the Police Department in regards to court work cases. To "lean" the current process.ImproveErlina Lively
Vehicle RepairPoliceVehicle Repair downtime and the negative effect on officers, citizens, and the cityMeasureTyler Wright / Jeff KingN/A
Regulation of Residential PropertyPoliceRegulation of Residential Property - target minimum standard housing issues within the City.MeasureGlenn TollesonN/A
Use of Force ReportingPoliceIncrease the efficiency and reduce the time to report uses of force to Professional Standards.DefineGlenn HamannPossible reduction from 28 days to 10
Solid Waste Cart/Dumpster ProcessesPublic WorksStreamlining processes for cart and dumpster delivery, pick-up, charging for missing inventory, repairs and billing reviewImproveDell Jensen / Sandra RellerPossible increase in revenue of $70,000 per year
Solid Waste /Customer ServicePublic Works/
Support Services
Billing and Work Order Processes: Establishing a focus group to address and resolve Solid Waste and Customer Service issuesMeasureDell Jensen / Sandra Reller /  Carrie Beatty /  Brenda McGovern$7,000 per year increase in revenue for Solid Waste
Electronic TimekeepingSupport ServicesElectronic timekeeping: Implementing Executime program to reduce paperwork and improve efficiency of payroll process.Control - Implementation in processChris McGraw / Human Resources (HR)N/A
Worker’s CompSupport ServicesEducation related to Workers Comp regulations and how it works in the State of Florida.DefineMaureen Gochee / Ashleigh Smith
Accounts Receivable MiscellaneousSupport ServicesEstablishing procedures and a flow chart for the miscellaneous part of accounts receivable. No procedures exist at present.ImprovePhyllis Smith
CitizenServe Construction ModuleWater ResourcesInterdepartmental CitizenServe status tracking and change approval module for construction phase.DefineAndy JantzerN/A
Waste Water Cost EvalWater ResourcesWater Reclamation Hauled Wastewater Cost Evaluation.MeasureMatt HixsonN/A