May 1, 2023

  1. Minutes

The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in regular session at City Hall in the Council Chamber, located at 555 South Washington Avenue on Monday, May 1, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.




Chairman Kiesel called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Present were Vice Chairman Petyk, Secretary Adams, Member Jonas, Member Shifalo, Member Gaetjens and Member Foster. Alternate Member Davis and Alternate Member Crofton were absent. Also attending was Redevelopment Planner Tim Ford and Recording Secretary Laurie Dargie.




Member Foster motioned to approve the minutes from the April 3, 2023 meeting. Vice Chairman Petyk seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote in favor.




Old Business


Historic Preservation Board annual workshop


The Historic Preservation Board members complimented staff on getting the lobby in City Hall setup for Historic Preservation month.


The Historic Preservation Board members had no additions or changes to the upcoming annual workshop.




Titusville Design Guidelines Manual draft 

Chairman Kiesel said he would like to give an opportunity for each member to comment  on the draft Titusville Design Guidelines manual.


Some comments were brought up and clarification was made regarding:

  • References to color palettes when used on specific architectural styles
  • Differentiating between commercial and residential
  • Incorporated and founded dates for the City of Titusville clarified
  • Pritchard House photo being updated throughout the document
  • Scrivener’s errors throughout document


The Historic Preservation Board members also had brief discussion on the upcoming new legislation and the impacts it may have on Historic Districts.  Chairman Kiesel asked that this be put on the next agenda for discussion and also asked that staff email the legislation information to the Historic Preservation Board members to review before the next meeting.


Discussion took place regarding the concern that the document might be intimidating for citizens who are interested in purchasing a historic structure and could be overwhelming, however the Commission also feels that even though this is a large document, it is really concise given the amount of information that is in it.


The Historic Preservation Board members are overall very pleased with the document.


Mr. Ford requested that any additional comments to this draft Titusville Design Guideline Manual be given to him no later that May 11, 2023 at noon, but would appreciate it if the comments were provided at their earliest convenience.


Several members requested a printed copy of the Titusville Design Guidelines Manual.




New Business





Petitions & Request 







Mr. Ford went over the staff report items.


  • 4050 Coquina Avenue plaque was installed
  • Budget update
  • May 9th CRA meeting at 5:30pm, staff will be giving the update on the Titusville Design Guidelines grant project
  • Historic Preservation plan recommendations – Mr. Ford asked that the Historic Preservation Board members review the list of recommendations to see what they would like to prioritize and work towards at future meetings.


Member Shifalo said she would like to see the Historic Preservation Board be included in development planning.


Member Foster said she is concerned with the Baldwin Plaza shopping center being demolished in the future. Mr. Ford said that the Baldwin Plaza shopping center is not in the Historic District but that the garage and the formed burger restaurant (red building) is located in the Historic District.


Mr. Ford mentioned that the Historic Preservation Board may want to discuss the following items


* Preservation trust fund

* Historic Preservation in disaster preparedness, mitigation and post disaster strategies

* The old railroad station being fully documented



Chairman Kiesel asked that the Historic Preservation Board members think about what they would like to prioritize and bring it to the next meeting for discussion.




Adjournment 1:50 pm