May 30, 2023

  1. Minutes


The Development Review Committee (DRC) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in session in Council Chambers located at 555 South Washington Avenue on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.




Redevelopment Planner Tim Ford called the meeting to order at 11:10 am. Present were Engineering Manager Ashleigh Smith, Fire Marshal Paul Anderson, Principle Planner Eddy Galindo, City Engineer Kwabena Ofosu, and Building Official Steve Adams.  Also present was Recording Secretary Kim Amick and Redevelopment Planner Sue Williams.




New Business



DRC# 8-2023 – Horizons at Sand Point Development Site Plan

Mr. Ford read the staff report. 


The applicant is requesting the Development Review Committee (DRC) to grant the following revisions: 

Proposed revisions to the approved development plans that were determined to conform to the

 Urban Design Manual, Comprehensive Plan, and Land Development Code include the following:

 1. Hotel site at the former Sand Point Office Center property – The proposed hotel will be

 developed in Phase 2 of the development. The hotel development will be required to

 received CRA architectural design review approval at the time of development. Access to

 the hotel site appears to be improved from the original layout when the property was in

 different ownership.


 2. Parking garage – The proposed parking garage has increased in height to six (6) levels from

 the original two (2) level structure and has reduced in length so that the building will be

 shielded entirely behind the eight (8) story apartment building. The original two (2) level

 garage extended north and south of the apartment building. The six (6) level garage

 building will still be lower in height than the apartment building. The six (6) level garage

 takes up less floor area than the two (2) level garage.


 3. Stormwater retention area – The revised plans show additional stormwater retention areas

 as part of the Phase 1 development whereas the original layout indicated that stormwater

 retention would be constructed with the development phases. Installing the additional

 stormwater retention areas in Phase 1 provides common stormwater facilities upfront for

 future development.


 4. Driveway access to the south – The revised plan eliminates access to Lemon Avenue which

 helps to protect existing single family homes on Lemon Avenue from direct traffic access

 to and from the development. The access to Palm Avenue is proposed to have direct access

 to the Phase 4 commercial site and not to the Phase 1 site. The other access drives to US- 

 1 remain unchanged.




Discussion took place regarding the request.





Mr. Adams made a motion to approve the revisions.   Mr. Galindo seconded.  There was a unanimous voice vote.


Motion passed.




Public Comment




Adjournment at approximately 11:30 a.m.