National Recognition - FID

Forensic Investigations Division Receives Esteemed National Recognition

OSAC Implementer Certificate 147_Titusville Police Department Forensic Investigations Division

The Titusville Police Department’s Forensic Investigations Division (FID) has recently been nationally recognized for its outstanding forensic science standards implementation achievements.

 FID achieved this honor from The National Institute of Standards and Technology-sponsored Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSCA) because of the division’s adoption and practice of more than 35 registry standards, which include a consensus-based standard ensuring the reliability of forensic practice. 

 The OSAC Registry is a repository of selected published and proposed standards for forensic science. These documents contain minimum requirements, best practices, standard protocols, terminology, or other information to promote valid, reliable, and reproducible forensic results.

 This is an elite recognition and only a select number of law enforcement agencies reach this level of forensic science investigative professionalism. Additionally, adherence to these best practices benefits the Titusville community by enforcing public confidence along with implementing the highest level of forensic-based work in the criminal justice process. 

“We congratulate the Titusville Police Department Forensic Investigations Division for implementing the high-quality standards of the OSAC Registry into their operations. In today’s world of complex forensic science analysis and the increasing scrutiny by criminal courts on the quality of forensic evidence, it is critically important for judges and juries to have confidence in the testimony of forensic experts. We are delighted by the growing list of forensic science agencies, now including the Titusville PD, that have demonstrated their commitment to improving quality. We look forward to continuing to work with the Titusville PD as an OSAC Implementer of new standards.”

-John Paul Jones II, OSAC Program Manager with the National Institute of Standards and Technology

 “This national recognition of our forensic science standards and practices solidifies our dedication and vigilance in this scientific discipline”, said Titusville Police FID Manager Amanda Wright. “We will always strive to be on the forefront in the area of forensic investigations”, added Wright.

For more information or to access OSAC standards please go to OSAC Registry | NIST.