Reduce Litter - Make a Commitment - Get Involved

The City of Titusville is inviting interested Titusville businesses, clubs, and other organizations to adopt at least a one-mile stretch of City maintained road and to clean both sides of this roadway at least four times per year.


The Adopt-A-Road Program goals are to keep our environment clean by reducing litter along our roadways through an organized cleanup program, and to increase public awareness of the importance of litter reduction.

How the Program Works

  1. Selecting a Road for Adoption: interested individuals should contact the City Streets Maintenance Division at 321-567-3832.
    1. Adoption is subject to approval by the City.
    2. Members of the Adopt-A-Road must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  2. Information Packet: an information packet containing a Litter Removal Agreement, Safety Guidelines, and Litter Removal Procedures will be sent to all interested individuals. The site coordinator, who represents the Adopt-A-Road team, completes and returns the Litter Removal Agreement to the City Streets Maintenance Division.
    1. At the end of the one-year adoption commitment, a team may choose to renew its agreement.
  3. Signs: each Adopt-A-Road team will receive personalized signs from the City, installed at the beginning and ending points along the adopted roadway.
  4. Safety Training: a safety workshop for the cleanup team will be conducted upon arrangement with the Adopt-A-Road Coordinator. A copy of the safety guidelines will be provided to each participant in the group by the site coordinator prior to conducting the first cleanup.
  5. Scheduling Cleanups: cleanup teams are requested to contact the Adopt-A-Road Coordinator to arrange an appropriate litter cleanup schedule that will not conflict with the City’s maintenance mowing schedule. Teams shall arrange to pick up safety vests and return them when cleanup is completed.
  6. Conducting Cleanups: the Coordinator is responsible for reviewing the cleanup procedures and safety guidelines with the group. The Coordinator will also assist in the development of litter data from the team members. Filled trash bags may be left at the group’s signs and will be collected by a City work crew. Teams are encouraged to recycle and are responsible for taking recyclable trash with them.