Water Resources

Managing Today’s Resources to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges

Wewrtitle are dedicated to providing our water consumers with high quality drinking water and reliable wastewater services. Water Resources is the department that provides your utility product and the infrastructure necessary for its use: drinking water service and treatment, reclaimed water service, and waste water treatment. We do not provide billing services.

We are organized into seven divisions. Each division provides a specialized skill set to meet your water and wastewater needs.

Learn About Your Drinking Water

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Water Sources

  • Groundwater from the Surficial and Floridan Aquifers
  • City of Cocoa (less than 10% of our water is purchased)
Hydrant, Water Meter, Lid

Drinking Water Utility System

  • 1 water treatment plant
  • 3 wellfields
  • 362 miles of water mains
  • 2,138 fire hydrants
  • 22,000 meters
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Water Treatment

  1. Coagulation - Occurs in clarifiers
  2. Disinfection - Occurs prior to entry into sand filters
  3. Filtration - Occurs as water moves through sand filters
Sign for Mourning Dove Water Treatment Plant

Millions of Gallons Treated

An average of 4.384 million gallons of water per day treated in 2019