Utility Engineering

Utility Engineering is responsible for planning for future utility (water, sewer, reuse) improvements, assuring current utility improvements meet quality standards, and maintaining maps and records of the utility infrastructure.

Internal Utility Improvements

Assists in planning for city utility improvement projects such as:

  • Assists with bid documents, agreements, and contract management
  • Maintains digital hydraulic models of Titusville’s utility systems to evaluate the impact of planned improvements
  • Obtains permits
  • Provides engineering plans, CAD drafting services, and specifications

External Utility Improvements

Assures utility improvements are made in accordance with city specifications such as:

  • Inspects city-funded utility improvement projects
  • Reviews plans and works with developers and engineers on new projects for construction
  • Maintains records of maps and records of utility infrastructure such as:
    • Locations and details of the connections to city utility systems
    • City utility systems updates