BPA Testing & Maintenance

Many business and home owners have backflow prevention assemblies (BPAs) installed either at their service connection (at the water meter) and/or within their building or home. These assemblies are installed to help protect the quality of water in the public water system by preventing the backflow of potentially contaminated water through cross connections. Per Florida Regulations and Plumbing Code, BPAs must be performance tested on an annual basis to ensure they are working properly to protect the public water supply.

Titusville has developed the backflow prevention assembly testing and maintenance program to assist businesses and home owners test these BPAs, to eliminate the hassle of the owner having to test them and save you time.

How the Program Works

Titusville has hired a program management firm, Hydro Designs, Inc, to review, identify, and qualify BPA testing contractors, and assign BPA testing work through a selection process to certified, licensed and insured, and experienced contractors. The selected contractor, American Backflow Testing and Fire, LLC will be contacting you in the near future to schedule a test for your backflow prevention assembly.

The cost for this test will be paid for by the City of Titusville.


If your BPA requires repair or replacement due to a failed test or damage, the contractor will work with you to coordinate any repairs/replacement. The costs for those services have also been competitively bid through our contractor. Note that the home/business owner is not responsible for fees related to the repair of BPAs, and will be paid for by the City of Titusville.


You will note that there is a fee on your water bill for Backflow Testing/Repair. This information is also available on our website. This fee covers all of the costs for the services noted here. The fees charged vary depending upon the type and use of your backflow preventer.

Helpful Resources

All of the BPA testing will be coordinated through our program manager, Hydro Designs, Inc. (HDI). If you have any questions about this program please contact HDI at 800-690-6651, ext. 5016, and ask for Amy Lynn.