Usage & Billing

Water utilities either bill water in hundreds of cubic feet (HCF) or thousands of gallons. Titusville bills in thousands of gallons. Usage is rounded down to the lower thousand. For example, if you used 3,995 gallons of water, you would only be billed for 3,000 gallons. If you used 3,045 gallons of water, you would also be billed for 3,000 gallons.

Since meters are read in the thousands of gallons and read down to the nearest thousand, you may be using more water than you realize. As a result, sometimes a small increase in usage can bump you up to the next thousand-gallon level. 


For example, you may normally use 3,995 gallons of water per month. You are billed for only 3,000 gallons per month. Doing an additional load of laundry could increase your actual usage to 4,008 gallons, causing you to be billed for 4,000 gallons. What appears to be a 1,000-gallon jump in consumption, actually is not.

Using Your Water Bill to Save Water & Money

Many factors can cause your water use to increase. Visit our Using Your Water Bill to Save Water and Money page to learn about tracking your water consumption. Tracking your water use can help you to take steps to reduce your water use and your water bill.

Water Conservation

Tips on saving water and using water efficiently are available on our water conservation pages. Visit our pages or contact our Conservation office and learn how you can save water both inside and outside your home.