July 8, 2020 Minutes 5:00pm

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in regular session in the Fire Department Multi-Purpose Room, located at 550 South Washington Avenue on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.




Chairman Severs called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. Present were Secretary Speidel, Member Richardson, Member Porter, Member Cary and Member Murray. Also in attendance were Planning Manager Brad Parrish, Assistant City Attorney Chelsea Farrell, and Recording Secretary Kim Amick.




Chairman Severs said as the information indicates, he requested this Special Meeting.  He said they had not met in four months and there are a couple of members along with a new member that have not attended a meeting yet and he thought it was important to reintroduce themselves and to tell a little about themselves and go over some of the basic rules and regulations and have legal staff brief them on the legal issues confronting them as a commissioner.   He said that is why he called the meeting and he provided everyone with a copy of his request.  He said in the printed agenda there are a couple of items that he had requested that are not in there and perhaps they will get to those at some other time.




Quasi-Judicial Confirmation Procedures




Commission Introductions (Video start time 5:08)

Chairman Severs asked the members to tell a little about themselves.


Each Member gave a brief summary about themselves and their backgrounds.




Commission Rules and Procedures (Video start time 21:37)

Assistant City Attorney Farrell reviewed the Commission Rules and Procedures.


Chairman Severs said his policy, as Chairman, with regard to alternate members, the alternate members would alternate attendance at the Planning & Zoning Meetings.


Assistant City Attorney Farrell reviewed the Sunshine Law.


Discussion followed regarding the Sunshine Law and emails available for public records.


Chairman Severs said it is seven minutes before six and the Sunshine Law is very broad and long.   He asked what the Commission wanted to do, add the rest of the presentation to the end of this meeting or add it to the next meeting or have another meeting at 5:00 on July 22.


Member Richardson suggested adding it to next meeting at 5:00.


Member Murray asked because the information is lengthy, whether or not there is a requirement to preread this and come back with questions or concerns versus reading every single item it might be more expedient.  She said they could have a lot of 5:00 meetings to get through some critical information.


Chairman Severs said her suggestion is a good one so their next meeting is at 5:00 would be one in which they have all attempted to review the information and be prepared to ask questions and the attorney can summarize and address the questions.


Chairman Severs said he did not hear anyone objecting.


Member Murray asked if they are allowed to send their questions in ahead of time.


Chairman Severs said you can send your questions to the attorney but not to the members.


Chairman Severs clarified where they are in the meeting, it is important that all members be familiar with rules and regulations.




Petitions and Requests from Public Present




Adjournment 5:57 p.m.