October 5, 2020 Minutes

The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in regular session in the Council Chamber at City Hall, located at 555 South Washington Avenue on Monday, October 5, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.




Chairman Kiesel called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Present were Vice Chairman Petyk,  Secretary Adams, Member Jonas, Member Gaetjens, Member Green, and Member Foster. Alternate Member Shifalo also attended the meeting. Also attending was Redevelopment Planner Tim Ford, Planning Manager Brad Parrish, and Recording Secretary Laurie Dargie.




Member Foster motioned to approve the minutes from the September 1, 2020 meeting. Vice Chairman Petyk seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote.




Review and approve the proposed revisions to the Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) application

Mr. Ford gave a brief update as to what was discussed and changed on the application based on discussion that took place at the September 1, 2020 meeting.


Chairman Kiesel said he is not opposed to the fees but the concerns were that it would deter people from wanting to get locally designated.


Chairman Kiesel said he would like for the Historic Preservation Board members to look over this application very thoroughly and make any recommendations and suggestions for changes to the application that any member might see as being needed before they approve the application.


Member Gaetjens asked how many COA’s have been brought before the Historic Preservation Board. Mr. Ford and Chairman Kiesel named three alterations that were brought before the Historic Preservation Board. Mr. Ford said the major COA was for 346 S. Washington Avenue.


Member Gaetjens suggested combining the fee for anyone who does a demolition then new construction as one project.


Vice Chairman Petyk suggested that the fees stay separate.


Mr. Ford agreed with Chairman Kiesel that the Historic Preservation Board members review the application very thoroughly and come back to the November 2, 2020 meeting with all of their feedback.



Member Foster made a motion to have the Historic Preservation Board members review the application and come back with any concerns, changes, recommendations and suggestions to the November 2, 2020 Historic Preservation Board meeting. Vice Chairman Petyk seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote in favor.




Neighborhood Conservation Districts as a preservation tool

Chairman Kiesel said the webinar was very informative.


Member Foster said she feels that neighborhood participation and education is very important. Member Foster said a workshop including a neighborhood community would be helpful.


Mr. Ford reminded the Historic Preservation Board members that their annual workshop that typically takes place this month was postponed due to COVID. Mr. Ford said that the topic of the workshop that was previously discussed was regarding Neighborhood Conservation Districts.


Alternate Member Shifalo suggested moving forward with contacting the organizational leaders in the community. Alternate Member Shifalo said they can find out who is interested in meeting about this topic.


Chairman Kiesel agreed with Alternate Member Shifalo and said that they can move forward with maybe meeting one on one with the neighborhood contacts to see if they are interested and get their opinions.


Vice Chairman Petyk suggested inviting them to the Historic Preservation Board meetings. Alternate Member Shifalo said she thought it would be more beneficial to attend their meetings as one representative of the Historic Preservation Board and give a short presentation and answer questions.


Mr. Parrish said that in the past a meeting was held by Staff with contacts that were given to Staff by Neighborhood Services Director, Terrie Franklin. Mr. Parrish said he recalls from that meeting that the concern was to not impose more restrictions in the neighborhood but to preserve the “branding” of the neighborhood. Member Foster added that they wanted to preserve the character of the neighborhood and did not want high-rise condos or big businesses to overtake the area. Mr. Parrish said the community wanted to have input on what they wanted to see happen in the neighborhood. Chairman Kiesel agreed that whatever is done, the community should have input.


Secretary Adams said he would suggest moving forward with reaching out to the contacts in the neighborhood again to see if they are still interested.


Member Gaetjens asked who the contacts are. Member Foster said that Terrie Franklin would most likely have the contacts information from past meetings.



Member Foster said the Historic Preservation Board needs to have the information ready and available to give to the contacts once they are reached.


Chairman Kiesel asked Staff to see about reaching out to the contacts in the neighborhood community, get materials together to give information, and get the feedback to see if anyone is still interested in having meetings. Chairman Kiesel said he would volunteer to meet with Staff and any contacts from the Neighborhood who would like to meet.


Discussion and follow-up action regarding meetings with property owners of potentially historic and historic buildings in the downtown about grant and tax incentives to renovate and maintain their properties

Mr. Ford gave an update regarding the responses from the property owners that he reached out to.


Chairman Kiesel asked that Staff continue to try and reach out to the property owner next to Mr. Bardwell’s building.


New Business


Authorize Chairman to sign letter of support from Titusville Historic Preservation Board for the nomination of Wm. Henry Maxwell Florida Citrus Hall of Fame




Vice Chairman Petyk made a motion to recommend approval for Chairman Kiesel to sign the letter of support from the Historic Preservation Board. Secretary Adams seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote in favor.






Mr. Ford reminded the Historic Preservation Board members of the Special meeting on October 14, 2020 at 11:00am.


Mr. Parrish spoke briefly about historic structure relocation bonds. Mr. Parrish said that there is not currently anything in the code that addresses these types of bonds. The Historic Preservation Board members asked that Staff research this further and bring more information back to the Board at a future meeting.


Mr. Ford went over briefly the CLG report.


Alternate Member Shifalo said she contacted the property owner at 1002 Indian River Avenue and the property owner is very interested in getting locally designated. The property owner has called Mr. Ford to discuss the process and Mr. Ford agreed to help assist her in filling out the application.



Joe Robinson with North Brevard Charities came to speak in regards to the Carter House. Mr. Robinson said that they are looking to put in a handicapped ramp and landscaping in the parking lot. Mr. Ford said that plans have been submitted to the City by Mr. Robinson for the handicapped ramp and landscaping. The information will be submitted to the Historic Preservation Officer to determine if these changes can be approved administratively or if they will need to go through the COA process and come before the Historic Preservation Board for review.


Alternate Member Shifalo said she would like to know more about heritage trees and if the City of Titusville does anything to protect heritage trees. Vice Chairman Petyk said she believes that this is addressed in the code. Mr. Parrish said that heritage trees are addressed when they meet specific criteria in the code as a historical landmark etc. The heritage trees would have to have a historical significance to be designated. Chairman Kiesel asked for Staff to bring information back as to if the City of Titusville has any heritage trees.




Adjournment 2:13pm