January 6, 2020 Minutes

The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in regular session in the Council Chamber on the second floor of City Hall, located at 555 South Washington Avenue on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.




Chairman Kiesel called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Present were Vice Chairman Petyk, Secretary Adams, Member Foster, Member Gaetjens, Member Green, and Member Jonas. Also attending was Redevelopment Planner Tim Ford, and Recording Secretary Laurie Dargie




Vice Chairman Petyk motioned to approve the minutes from the December 2, 2019 meeting. Member Foster seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote.




Old Business


Discussion on Historic Conservation Districts as a historic tool

Member Foster said that she reviewed the information and came to the conclusion that this will be a lengthy process to take on. She said that one of the first steps would be to find out if the neighborhood is interested in having a Historic Conservation District. Member Foster said that the Historic Preservation Board would only have an advisory position and the Planning and Zoning Department would have to be heavily involved in the process. Member Foster said a Historic Conservation District is used to keep the character of the neighborhood and not a guideline for strict architectural regulations. 


Chairman Kiesel suggested making contact with the Neighborhood Association or a contact from the neighborhood to see how interested they may be in creating a Historic Conservation District. 


Vice Chairman Petyk suggested gathering more information regarding the details of what the Historic Conservation District would include so that when the Neighborhood Association is contacted they can be educated as to the benefits of a Historic Conservation District and why the Historic Preservation Board is advocating the district. Vice Chairman Petyk would also like to know what the boundaries of the district would be. 


Mr. Ford said that the boundaries of the district could vary depending on the percentage of the neighborhood that is interested in becoming a district. Mr. Ford said that depending on how many residents are interested in a specific location could determine where the district starts. The district could start in a small area and if other residents get interested the district can grow.  Mr. Ford said this is a lengthy process that can take well over a year to get started. Mr. Ford said that City Council will ultimately approve the district. 


Member Foster asked if Terrie Franklin the Director of Neighborhood Services Department with the City of Titusville would have more information regarding feedback from her meetings with the neighborhood. Mr. Ford said the feedback he was given was that there was an interest from some residents in a Planning Model to keep the character of the neighborhood but they did not want to have stringent guidelines for the architecture of the neighborhood. Member Foster said she would like to know what the boundaries were that Ms. Franklin used for the neighborhood. 


Chairman Kiesel asked if there were any experts on Historic Conservation Districts that could come and educate the Historic Preservation Board on the subject. Mr. Ford said this very new to Florida and the representative from Florida Division of Historic Resources who came to give the CLG training did not want to speak about the Historic Conservation Districts in detail because they do not have enough information about them at this time to give a presentation. Mr. Ford said that Sarasota, Florida and an area in Miami have Historic Conservation Districts in place  but those are the only two cities in Florida that he is aware of at this time. Chairman Kiesel asked if Mr. Ford can contact those cities to get more information on the districts. 


Member Foster said that Raleigh, North Carolina would be a great resource regarding Historic Conservation Districts and suggested reaching out to them. 


Toni Shifalo came to speak in regards to this item. Ms. Shifalo is an alternate member of the Historic Preservation Board and also owns a house in the west neighborhood being discussed. Ms. Shifalo said that the neighborhood needs to be more educated about what a Historic Conservation District is and what it does. She encouraged the Historic Preservation Board to reach out and educate them. 


Chairman Kisel suggested tabling this item for further discussion. Mr. Ford said that this item will most likely be a continued agenda item for many meetings to come. 




Review and approve the proposed narrative for the Gibson-Rivers interpretive display board

Chairman Kiesel said he drafted this while comparing it to the other display board layouts. He said the content might need to be worked on.


Toni Shifalo came to speak in regards to this item. Ms. Shifalo pointed out several grammatical errors that needed to be fixed and made a few suggestions to change in the brochure. Mr. Ford made notes of all of the corrections.


Member Foster suggested zoning in on a defining feature on the house. Secretary Adams suggested taking a current picture to contrast with the black/white photo that is being used. Chairman Kiesel suggested using what has been presented and reviewing it again after a professional proof is presented to see how it looks and then maybe make additional changes with new pictures etc.




Vice Chairman Petyk made a motion to move forward with having all of the discussed corrections made and having the professional proof made and reviewed at the February 3, 2020 Historic Preservation Board meeting. Member Foster seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote in favor.




Review and approve the Titusville Historic Landmarks brochure proof

Mr. Ford went over some of the corrections that have been made to the brochure.


Toni Shifalo spoke in regards to this item. Ms. Shifalo pointed out some corrections that needed to be made. Mr. Ford made notes of the corrections.


Member Foster pointed out the need for updated pictures of the LaGrange cemetery markers. Mr. Ford made notes of this.


Member Gaetjens requested that the printing date of the brochure be included on the back of the brochure so the Historic Preservation Board can keep tabs on the newest version of the brochure that is being printed and updated. Mr. Ford said he will make sure that this is included.




New Business







Mr. Ford went over the summary of reports that was included in the agenda.


Mr. Ford said that the Historic Preservation Board might want to think about the topic of demolition by neglect for a future agenda item. 


Mr. Ford said that the Historic Preservation Board needs to talk about their objectives for the 2020 year and prioritize them.


Mr. Ford gave the Historic Preservation Board a heads up that the owners of the Dream Luxury Apartments (formerly known as Bay Towers) picked up an application for becoming locally designated. 


Mr. Ford said the draft semi-annual report is ready to be presented to City Council at their January 28, 2020 meeting. Mr. Ford asked if this will be a written report only or if someone from the Historic Preservation Board would like to present the report in person. Alternate Member Toni Shifalo volunteered to give the report in person. 


Member Foster said that on January 17, 2020 there will be an Arbor Day tree planting celebration at 11:00am.  Member Foster said two trees will be planted and the tree proclamation will be read. Member Foster said that the Titusville Men’s Garden Club will be selling trees at the event.




Adjournment 2:30 p.m.