What can I do to minimize runoff?

To minimize the runoff from your home or business:

  1. Landscape your home and business with Florida native plants and minimize turf areas. This will minimize your irrigation, which of course, reduces runoff. Native plants also do not need chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. This reduces what kind of pollutants runoff your property. The plants will also help to create a more varied terrain to help keep the water on your yard.
  2. Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly. When you do use them, follow the directions and never fertilize before it rains (because then it all runs off).
  3. Dispose of used motor oil, paint, and other chemicals at designated locations. Never put these contaminants in a storm drain!
  4. Re-use your yard waste (leaves, grass cuttings, etc.) in your yard for mulch and soil augmentation. If you need to dispose of it, follow the directions from your solid waste provider. Never blow or sweep yard waste into the curb.
  5. Wash your car at a commercial car wash or on your lawn-not the driveway.
  6. Use rain barrels and rain gardens to capture the runoff from your roof.

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