What are the Purchasing Policies of the City?


Awards of contracts and/or purchases shall be to the lowest, most responsive and most responsible bidder of goods and services, representing the best value to the City. Part II, Chapter 2, Section 2-180 of the City Code of Ordinances and the purchasing policies contained in the Procurement Manual establish the criteria for the award of contracts and/or purchases. In summary, it states that the City will buy only from suppliers who have adequate financial strength, high ethical standards, a record of adhering to specifications, maintaining shipping promises, and giving a full measure of service. New sources of supply will be given due consideration as multiple sources of supply are necessary to ensure availability of materials.

Value Our Vendors

We strive to maintain strong and enduring relationships with vendors of proven ability who desire to meet our needs. To accomplish this, our purchasing activities will be conducted so that vendors will value doing business with the City and make every effort to furnish the City’s requirements on the basis of quality, service, and price.

All vendors will be afforded equal opportunities to quote/bid and will compete on equal terms.

City Staff

Purchasing and Contracting Administration has full authority to question the quality, quantity, and kind of materials requisitioned in order that the best interest of the City may be served.

No member of the staff of the City of Titusville shall receive any benefit or profit from any contract or purchase made by the City of Titusville. Acceptance of gifts, by City personnel, at any time is prohibited. Employees must not become obligated to any vendor and shall not conclude any City transaction from which they may personally benefit directly or indirectly.

The Purchasing and Contracting Administrator shall not knowingly issue a purchase order when there is evidence of a conflict of interest. In instances when a conflict may exist, but its existence is not clearly established, the Purchasing and Contracting Administrator shall refer the matter to the City Manager whose opinion shall be final in the absence of any specific instructions from the City Council.

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