How do I obtain specifications?

Specifications are available in the Purchasing and Contracting Administration office, unless the purchase is less than $5000, in which case the specifications will be available in the Department that requested the quote. Specifications describe the quality of goods required by the City. Quality is determined by need. The purpose is to produce those items that suit the intended use at the lowest and best cost.

"Or Equal" Terms

In some cases and for lack of specifications a brand name and model or part number may be used with the term "or equal". This is to allow for adequate competition. When a brand name and model or part number is used, it is only for the purpose of establishing a grade or quality of material. It is the vendor’s responsibility when bidding or quoting an "or equal" to prove that the proposed product is equal to the specified product. The City, only, will determine if the proposed product is equal to the specified product. When you receive the detailed specifications, read them carefully. Any alteration or deviation from them may disqualify your bid.

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