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2021 NAPWDA Florida State Workshop

  1. 2021 NAPWDA Florida State Workshop Registration Form

    Hosted by: Titusville Police Department & Brevard County Sheriff’s Office



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    Registration is limited and expected to fill up.

    One Handler/one dog per form.

  2. T-Shirt Size:
  3. How long have you worked as a team with this K-9?
  4. Purpose for Attending:
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  6. (NOTE: This workshop's main focus is certification)
  7. Waiver:

    As the undersigned participant, I recognize the possibility of injury occurring as a result of my participation in the K9 Workshop. I furthermore state that my canine and I are in a physical condition necessary to be able to participate in the events, as needed for training and certification purposes. I hereby waive and relinquish the North American Police Work Dog Association, further referred to as NAPWDA, and the Titusville Police Department, their affiliates, sponsors, organizers, and or all participants, for any injury, mental or physical, to myself or my canine. I also agree to abide by all rules and regulations as set forth by NAPWDA and the event organizers. I furthermore will accept responsibility for any damage caused by my canine or myself to any and all property or persons to include the hotel accommodations and/or any training venue.

    >> If you decide to consume any alcoholic beverage during the workshop week, you do so at your own risk. If you do drink an alcoholic beverage please do so in a responsible manner and Don't Drink and Drive. <<

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