Yard Trash, Wood, Misc. Bulk Pickups

Yard Trash

Yard Trash consists of living debris such as trees, grass, shrubs, etc.  It does not include any other type of wood, lumber, dirt, rocks, or garbage of any type.

Yard Debris/Vegetation (leaves, grass, pine needles, etc). Yard debris shall be bundled or containerized in such manner to enable one person to lift the debris in a single lifting movement to place in collection  vehicle.   Containers for collection shall be no greater than 32 gallon in size and weighing no more than 50 lbs.  Must have two handles and tight fitted lid with no sharp, jagged edges.  Oil drums, homemade containers and larger containers than what is specified herein are not permitted.

Yard Trash must be cut to no more  than 5 foot lengths with each piece weighing less than 50 lbs.  It should be stacked with all pieces lined up in the same direction.   Yard trash must be separated from garbage.  Failure to separate these items from other trash will result in collection delays.

Please place Yard Trash at the curb for pickup.  Please do not place at side or rear of house or on vacant lots.

Your residential bill covers pickup only from the lot your home is built upon.  If you do clearing of any other lot, an additional fee for the removal of that debris will charged.

Amounts exceeding the capacity of the City’s yard waste collection vehicles – approximately twenty (20) cubic yards loose – will be the responsibility of the owner for disposal.  If the owner wishes the City to dispose of amounts in excess of twenty (20) cubic yards, the fee for disposal will be based on the current burdened labor rate and operating costs.

If a CONTRACTOR cuts down your trees, the contractor or you must take away the debris or pay the City an additional fee for removal.

Please call in for large yard debris piles so we can schedule you for pickup.


Wood, lumber, plywood, pallets, 2x4’s and landscape logs will be picked up once a month. This will require a call to the Solid Waste Division at 383-5755 to be placed on the list for pick up. Therefore, these items MUST BE SEPARATE from any other trash you may have for pickup.   Failure to separate these items from other trash will result in collection delays.

All WOOD should be cut into 4 foot lengths and placed separate from any other trash items. Wood will be collected on a call in basis.

Bulky Item Removal

Bulky items such as furniture, appliances, large boxes, carpet, metal items and other large items that will not fit into your regular trash containers require a call to the Solid Waste Division at 383-5755 to be placed on the list for pickup.  These items MUST be separate from yard trash.  Failure to do so may result in collection delays. 

The doors must be removed from refrigerators/freezers and placed at the curb.  We cannot pickup these items from carports, garages or backyards.

Please DO NOT place these items under wires or trees and DO NOT place within 6 feet of mailboxes or on top of water meters.  

Construction Materials

Due to restrictions levied by Brevard County we CANNOT collect any roofing material such as tar paper, shingles, gravel or other materials (such as rocks, bricks, cinder blocks, concrete, sand or dirt, etc.).   For disposal information on these and other items, call 383-5755.