Strategic Goals & Objectives

Strategic Goals & Objectives Fiscal Year 2021

Goal 1 - Quality of Life

  • Continue Intiatives and actions to improve the Indian River Lagoon.
  • Enhance appearance of city including entryways
  • Enhance youth educational, recreational and employment opportunities
  • Balance the environment with economic development, including housing and community development: continue to protect green space in alignment with citizen concerns
  • Enhance emergency preparations and management
  • Sustain and improve public safety

Goal 2 - Efficient & Effective Services

  • Develop a sustainability plan
  • Continue to improve infrastructure
  • Commit to funding capital improvement plan
  • Continue smart growth
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and coordination with public, private, and non-profit entities

Goal 3 - Financial Stability

  • Develop strategies to address long term liabilities

Goal 4 - Economic Development

  • Continue to market trails and amenities
  • Continue to develop a thriving downtown area
  • Continue implementation of a comprehensive economic development plan in conjunction with appropriate agencies
  • Reimagine code language to encourage redevelopment of existing buildings
  • Continue efforts to eliminate blight

Goal 5 - Effective Governance

  • Expand methods to increase and enhance 2-way communication, education and marketing
  • Continue to increase the effectiveness of current advisory boards
  • Increase legislative/policy advocacy efforts