Mission, Goals & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Code Enforcement Division performs field inspections on a proactive and reactive basis for the site, utility, landscaping, and public nuisances. This division utilizes the International Property Maintenance Code, City of Titusville Code of Ordinances, and the City of Titusville Land Development Regulations, to improve the aesthetics and enhance the environment and character of the City with a concentrated efforts of the City’s entry corridors.

Goals & Objectives

  • Advancing Technology: Keeping up with the available technological advances, as they become available.
  • Contain Future Government Cost of Service: Utilization of personal vehicles for patrol has effectively reduced the City’s operating costs in addition to vigorous collection of fines and cost assessments.
  • Develop Long-Range Plans to Address the Aging Infrastructure: Continue proactive site, landscape, utility, and code inspections through the use of the International Property Maintenance Code, Code of Ordinances, and Land Development Regulations with a concentration on Commercial landscape enforcement.
  • Educate the Public on What We Do: Continue to provide brochures and web page information, and broadcast Municipal Code Enforcement Board meetings on Brighthouse Channel 199 and AT&T’s Uverse Channel 99 for public education.
  • Maintain a Productive Workplace: Providing Training/Cross Training to promote a more productive and efficient workforce.
  • Position the City for Future Growth Opportunities:  Improving the aesthetics of the City through the use of Proactive Code Enforcement with a concentration on entry corridors will invite people to come to visit, reside, or even open up a business.