d. Goals of the Urban Design Manual

Shopping Center
Titusville Architecture (4)
  1. Preserve and enhance Titusville’s unique attributes by guiding design for rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, and new construction throughout the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).
  2. Provide guidance for retailers to express their brand and identity, increasing their visibility and aesthetic quality to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in Titusville.
  3. Guide property owners in creating a sustainable, pedestrian-oriented mixed-use town for residents, business owners and visitors.
  4. Create stronger connections between districts, between downtown and the Indian River, between residents and commercial activity.
  5. Provide guidance for both public and private development to create a strong sense of time and place that reflects the cultural heritage of Titusville.
  6. Preserve and reinforce the remaining street blocks and service alley patterns as part of the urban fabric.