d. Detail Identity


  • Continue the retail experience of the Downtown District, although modern interpretations are appropriate.
  • Recessed entry
  • Colonnades are appropriate for ground-floor retail.
  • Provide a minimum of 65% transparency for storefronts.
  • Transom windows above entries.
  • Storefront windows will not be set back from the sidewalk.
  • Retailers, whether a local or national retailer, should have distinctive retail facades.
  • Display merchandise and allow clear views into shops and restaurants.


  • Use of low impact (sustainable), high quality, durable facade materials is encouraged for retail facades. Examples include:
    • Glass
    • Masonry
    • Stone
    • Stucco (or EIFS at 4 feet above grade or higher)
    • Wood
  • Include colors and articulation in facade materials.

Photo by La Citta Vitta

Woman Walking Down the Sidewalk
Ribs - BBQ - Spirits
Art Factory Storefront
Chicos Storefront
Men and Womens Shoe Store