General Employees' Pension Board

Regular Meetings

  • 1 pm
  • Quarterly, on the 3rd Tuesday in:
    • February
    • May
    • August
    • November
  • Titusville City Hall
    555 S Washington Avenue
    Second floor, Council Chamber
    Titusville, Florida 32796


Two members of this board are general employee members of the retirement system elected by a plurality of the general members who are members of the system. Two members, unless otherwise prohibited by law, shall be legal residents of the City, who shall be appointed by the City Council.

One member shall be a resident of the City or maintain their principal place of business in the City and chosen by a majority of the previous four trustees. Such person’s name shall be submitted to the City Council for its consideration. Upon receipt of the fifth person’s name, the City Council shall, at Council’s discretion, appoint such person to the board as its fifth trustee.

Term length varies.