Office of the Fire Marshal

Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division of the Titusville Fire Department plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety of the department as it applies best practices for fire prevention that in turn prevent serious loss of life and property.

Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)

As the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), the Office of the Fire Marshal is responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of the adopted Fire Code, State Statutes, and the Florida Administrative Code, as well as the local Code of Ordinances and Land Development Regulations.

Trained Professionals

The inspectors of the Fire Prevention Division are the trained professionals that interact with the commercial interest in Titusville. This is a direct result of commercial building and facility inspections making up the bulk of the Fire Prevention Division’s work.

Excellence in Service Both Internally & Externally

The Titusville Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division is committed to excellence in service both internally and externally. The Division interacts with other agencies and departments related to buildings, permitting, and community development, as well as with members of the community in a common vision as Titusville continues to grow and improve.