Applications & Fees

Fee Schedule

The City Council adopts our by ordinance.

Payment Methods & Owner’s Authorization Form

To pay an application fee online please use the

An owner’s authorization form is required for all applications unless the owner of the property is the applicant or if applying for a zoning verification letter. For questions about payment or required forms please contact the at 321-567-3782. 


Electronic Submittals

The Planning Department no longer accepts paper application submittals. Applications can be found below to use for online submittals. To submit an application you will need to login to the BS&A online portal. First,   to setup your account, next to BS&A online. If you have questions about the submittal process or your application please send an email to or call the Planner of the Day at (321) 567-3782.

Application Submittal Resolution

All submittal documents must be scanned at a resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI) or greater.

Land Use Application & Associated Process

A brief summary of each Land Use Application and associated process and applications can be downloaded from the following tabs:

  1. Annexation
  2. Community Garden
  3. Comprehensive Plan or Small Scale Amendment
  4. Conditional Use Permit
  5. Easement Vacation
  6. Master Plan
  7. Planned Development
  8. Rezoning
  9. Right-of-Way Vacation
  10. Zoning Verification Letter

Petitions for annexation of property are processed pursuant to Chapter 171, Florida Statutes. Annexation requests also require a Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezoning.

Properties larger than 10 acres or greater require approximately six months to complete. Properties less than 10 acres require approximately four months to complete.

Annexation of property requires public hearings before the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. Parcels outside the municipal limits of the City requesting water and/or sewer service are required to execute an annexation agreement in order to receive utility services.

Additional Forms & Applications

Low Impact Development (LID) Sample Documents

Additional forms and applications are available by contacting the .

Development Services Division & Building Department: Forms & Applications

Other forms and permit applications including Variances, Signage, Special Event Permits, and Business Tax Receipts are available through the Development Services Division and Building Department.

  • Business Tax Receipts: 321-567-3758
  • Sign Permits: 321-567-3711
  • Site Plan and other Development Permits: 321-567-3756
  • Variances: 321-567-3756