Information Technology

The Information Technology Division provides information technology (IT) infrastructure and services to all city departments in support of their operations and delivery of services to the public.


IT services include:

  • Establishing technology architecture standards and policies for:
    • Applications systems
    • Data
    • Hardware
    • Integration
    • Networks
    • Related methodologies
    • Software
  • IT manages, supports, and operates the city’s IT infrastructure, including:
    • Data and voice networks
    • Internet
    • Servers
    • Over 400 desktop and laptop computers
  • Secures data and systems through sound information security principles and practices
  • Procures hardware, software, networks, and technical services
  • Utilizes technology in the automation of business practices

Geographic Information System

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) Project went live in fiscal year 2010. This multi-layer system now gives us the ability to connect virtually any bit of information with a physical location that can be shown on a map.